National Coronavirus Assistance Fund

by Paul D in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 11th May 2020 we successfully raised £32 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Help raise money to help those around the nation get the supplies and assistance they desperately need! Be a part of the project today!

by Paul D in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

We're raising money to give to charities, humanitarian centres and to local support groups to enable them to provide as much help, assistance and support to those in our communities that need help the most. 

We're a small team based in Sheffield but aim to provide support across the nation via food banks, community interest groups and through local teams aiming to help the elderly, disabled and homeless across the UK.

The donations will be distributed across a wide network all over the UK, specifically targeting the groups that would be the most beneficial during this time of trepidation and hardship.

Although we have our preferred charities, we are still looking at which would be the most impactful and are open to suggestions. 

We believe that if we all group together in this time, we can maximise the potential to help people on a much larger scale than would otherwise be possible via conventional means.

We understand that we are not the only ones wanting to help the people suffering the effects of the Coronavirus but we believe in the impact that a collective solution can bring, so instead of having individual efforts going unsupported, we want to try and give people a place they can donate, knowing that by sticking together our donations will be maximised and allow for greater effects across the country, giving the support to those actively trying to help as well as those in need.

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