The Mustard Seed Project

by Kate Sharples in Ruddington, England, United Kingdom

The Mustard Seed Project


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Mustard Seed project is focused on helping Teso, Uganda; providing relief from poverty, promoting education, empowering women and girls.

by Kate Sharples in Ruddington, England, United Kingdom

Teaching in a small village school in Ruddington, Jayne and Sally are passionate about encouraging children to become responsible, global citizens. They were keen to become involved with a school in another country and share these experiences with the children in their primary school. 

Jayne and Sally went to Uganda. The Mustard Seeds Project was shaped by a visit to Tisai swamp school. Arriving at the school they found children sitting on logs under a mango tree. They were told by the village leader that the children had no water during the day and in the evening drank the dirty swamp water. Malaria, HIV and Dysentery were rife. They also suffered with famine.

Trying to teach the children was a nearly impossible job with no resources, equipment or water in the hot African sun. They played circle games, using the sandy floor of the island to show them number and letter formation. Despite the fun and games they were constantly aware that these children had no clean water to drink.

Sally and Jayne left Uganda but in the space of a few weeks they got a water harvester to the island; taken over by two canoes (hollowed from a tree) and dragged to the middle of the island by oxen. They were thrilled and relieved that the children now had clean water.

Since 2016 the Mustard Seed Project has, like a seed, grown from strength to strength. The Island now has 6 classrooms, with 6 teachers, a surgery, 3 more water harvesters and the children are fed each morning.

They have been motivated to lead many projects in aid of Education, Empowerment, overcoming famine, poverty and building more schools, homes and doctor's surgeries for the Ugandan people of the Teso district.

Jayne talks passionately about her experiences and it is impossible not to admire and be infected with her enthusiasm and commitment to make a difference to the lives of those in the Teso district of Uganda. 

The projects are organic, driven by the needs of the community and sustainable so the benefits can be maintained into the future. 

We wish to support these schools and their children in a number of ways:

  • We want to help provide homes for the head teacher and teachers at the school
  • We want every child in every school to be fed
  • We want to work with key educators to introduce more creative ways of teaching in Uganda
  • We want every child to be able to drink clean water
  • We want to help many teachers and children's journey to schools. For example, we have now bought a bicycle for a teacher who previously had to walk 20km everyday to school whilst carrying her baby.
  • We want young children to be able to play and explore in a safe and secure environment

Read Jayne and Sally's full story on their website:

The Mustard Seed Project is based in Ruddington, Nottingham, England.

Registered charity number: 1175402

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