The most innovative device in the airline industry

by FLIIN INC in Toronto, Toronto Division, Canada

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An Ecofriendly company aiming to reduce paper in the airline industry. We are designing a product that is going to change the world!

by FLIIN INC in Toronto, Toronto Division, Canada






The airline industry has been using a lot of paper for over a century for baggage tags, boarding passes and more. A lot of airlines have been moving gradually towards electronic boarding passes, however there are still a lot who rely completely on paper. This has increased a problem that the world has already been facing for a while, which is, deforestation. There are many problems related to using a thermal paper baggage tag and some of them are listed below. 



Huge line up at the airport to print boarding passes and receive luggage tags.


The amount of luggage tags printed every year is unbelievable and also detrimental to our environment. The international air transport association (IATA) predicts that by 2036, there will be 7.8 billion travellers across the world; which means that we should start acting now!


Furthermore, there are a lot of other reasons, besides deforestation, why we should stop using thermal paper luggage tags.


In addition to all these reasons, one important reason remains; these thermal paper tags contain a dangerous substance called bisphenol (BPA) which can cause a lot of health issues especially to infants and children. 


After making a lot of research and analysis on the thermal baggage tag, FLIIN INC came up with a perfect solution for these problems.


Ecotag has been designed with the environment in mind and it is packed with features that are going to satisfy our customers needs and grant them peace of mind while traveling.


The device is equipped with a fingerprint sensor for access to it; thereby keeping both your luggage and your Ecotag safe.


The secondary screen serves as a notification panel for you to receive important information such as delayed flights, weather forecasts and other useful information since Ecotag is connected with your FLIIN app. 

Ecotag uses USB type-C to quick charge making it very convenient since nowadays a lot of devices are using type-C to power on. 

Surrounded by LED lights, Ecotag is great for tracking, as well, it informs you when you are receiving notifications. Whenever your luggage is close to you on the luggage carousel, the customizable lights will start blinking; making your belongings easier to spot amongst the hundreds of others. 

We have designed a locking mechanism that is the perfect fit for all kind of luggages, from suitcases to duffle bags.


Ecotag has tracking capabilities; therefore you don't have to worry about losing your luggage anymore. The device uses automated GSM tracking to track your belongings. It is able to detect when it is in a plane and automatically turns off so that it does not interfere with the electronics of the plane. GSM tracking will be made available for a small fee on the FLIIN app. 


Ecotag is IP68-rated, which deems it fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand and is resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.


The device is surrounded by INFRARED SENSORS which turn the screen on when needed to make sure that the battery is not being wasted throughout your whole trip. 



The device is of a sturdy construction and elegant design while still remaining user and size friendly, which makes it well suited for different generations.





The FLIIN app is packed with a lot of amazing features which are very useful for travelling. It uses a set of specific algorithm to make sure that the user gets the best price on the market. One unique feature is that you can book your flights with your voice using Amazon Alexa as your virtual assistant. Just tell her where you want to go and she takes care of you and everything for your trip!


The handbag section of the app is great for holding important information such as boarding passes and baggage tags. It also shows you your upcoming trips as well as your travel history which are accompanied by a memory video that the app automatically designs for you after each trip. 


The FLIIN prepaid card is a card that you can buy on the app and reload when you are travelling. Instead of having to use credit cards (which not a lot of people have, especially students) and pay high interest rates or needing foreign exchange to buy something in an unknown country, you can use this card to pay for food, drinks and other necessities. Every time you top it up, a new card number is generated making it secure and less easy to be fraudulent with. 


Every dollar spent on the app is redeemable for points at various franchises. 



We have been able to make great progress so far for both the Ecotag and the FLIIN app. The app is prototype ready and the device is still at the prototype stage; we need some help to proceed further. We have invested significant financial resources and time in bringing Ecotag to this stage with our small but excellent team. We are taking things step by step while improving every single detail so that it can be a great device; we need $25,000 to take this project to the next phase. With this money, we will be able to make a prototype of our device and run more tests on it. Of course, we will need a lot more money to bring Ecotag to the manufacturing stage and to finally deliver the product to our customers. The more money we get, the more quickly we will be able to work through our different stages, as we already have a hardworking and dedicated team behind the Ecotag who are passionate about the product. 

Raising more than $25,000 will ensure that we are going in the right direction faster, and coincidingly that we will be able to use some of the funds for marketing to get more public validation, which is very important to us as a company. We are very grateful to our early supporters who have given light to this project and we cannot thank you enough. You are amazing!



After our Indiegogo campaign:


*This timeline will be dependent on how much money we raise for this campaign.



FLIIN INC is founded by a team of young entrepreneurs who are determined to make the world more ecofriendly by reducing paper use. After doing a lot of market research, we found that the thermal paper tags being used by the airline industry for over a century come with a lot of flaws in terms of safety, health issues as well as recyclability. Dedicated to make this growing industry greener, we have assembled a team of professionals from all around the world to design a product that is going to be a good fit to replace the conventional tags that are being used. FLIIN INC was founded in Toronto, Canada and the company is going to be working with different airlines to make this product successful. 


Although our product is not yet ready, we have designed some awesome travel related products to thank and encourage you to make this project successful.

Backers who support us without any perks, we are infinitely grateful. Much love and thanks; this is how we feel about your contributions. We will send you a thank you note and a complete report about the whole project and will keep giving you updates along the way.


In light of the current pandemic situation happening globally, we have dedicated a special COVID 19 package.











FLIIN INC values transparency and is committed to being open about the obstacles we may face as a company. We are prepared to face these challenges as they arise and are confident that we will be able to address them as they surface.

We believe that we may face a few problems due to COVID-19, such as, delays in manufacturing, delays in shipping and decrease in sales. These days many people are restricted from or are choosing not to travel. Travelling can be dangerous during this time and most international borders are closed. Since the Ecotag is a travel essential, it is foreseeable that people will not be motivated to purchase it at this time since they will not be able to use it right away. We expect sales to spike once borders open and travelling is proven to be safe again. The Ecotag promotes contactless travel and we are assured that it will be integrated into the industry as a safer means of travelling.

Due to COVID-19, it may take longer for our product to be manufactured and shipped. Since borders are closed, there will be delays in cargo transport. When possible, FLIIN INC will select priority shipping to decrease wait times. We are committed to providing our product to everyone in need during this difficult time.

There aren’t a lot of products like the Ecotag on the market right now and it is a new concept. For this reason, we predict that it may be more of a challenge to attract investors. To face this hurdle, we will ensure that our presentations to investors are descriptive and clear so that they will be better able to understand the new concept of the Ecotag.

We recognize that FLIIN INC is a new company and that we still have a long way to go, but with the help of people that are passionate about this idea we will be able to face the challenge. Right now, we are a small team and there has been a lot of hard work to make the Ecotag a reality. Once we attract investors, we will be able to expand our team and assign tasks to a larger group of people which will improve efficiency.

FLIIN is dedicated to facing the above challenges and will stop at nothing to make the Ecotag a reality!




FLIIN INC would like to use this opportunity to thank all frontline and essential workers who have helped all of us during the COVID 19 pandemic. YOU are amazing!


Vote of thanks from the founder of FLIIN INC.



Shipping and Taxes will be calculated and charged towards the end of the campaign before we ship your incentives out to you. During these uncertain times, shipping costs have gone up significantly, however, we do believe that prices will go down as the situation gets better globally. Therefore, we do not think charging shipping right now, upon pledging, is at the interest of our supporters as the prices today might be more expensive than those in a few months time.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

$149 or more


You will be among the first person in the world to receive an ECOTAG!

$20 or more

Thank you for being amazing!

Love and thanks! This is how we feel about your contribution!

$49 or more


You will receive masks and sanitizers to help you during this pandemic!

$79 or more


You will receive travel essentials! Please see the campaign's story for more information!

$129 or more


You will receive travel essentials! Please see the campaign's story for more information!

$199 or more


You will receive travel essentials! Please see the campaign's story for more information!

$259 or more


You will receive travel essentials! Please see the campaign's story for more information!

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You will receive travel essentials! Please see the campaign's story for more information!

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