The most advanced GPS tracker for your car

1. To prevent everyone from losing cars and anything important to you 2. R&D for better GPS tracker

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

1. To prevent everyone from losing cars and anything important to you 2. R&D for better GPS tracker

Why do we make GPS trackers?

The reason why we develop this is because of our collaborator Mr Tung. About one year ago, he bought a new SUV, Toyota Land Cruiser. As he was not rich, he saved money for 3 years. One day, he drove this SUV to our company and parked his car at the end of a street, 3 mins walk to our company. On that day after work, he couldn't find his car and that was the last day he saw his car. We have reported to police. But there was not any cameras to record the process.

We were very upset. We hope that this issue will never happen to anyone. Therefore, we make this device to solve the problem.

What is the function of MK INT'L GPS Tracker

Firstly it provides real-time tracking function. You can just tab our app to have a real time tracking of your car.

Secondly, it provides vibration alarm. It means that if there are any abnormal shakes of your car, this device will send you a message to your smart phone. Therefore, you can immediately know that what is going on with your car.


Thirdly, Geofence is another protective function. Once your car gets out of the certain area you set, message will send to your phone.


Fourthly, our battery is extremely long lasting. We have provided different types of modes. In the long stand-by mode, it can last for up to 600 days. In this mode, the device would not automatically send you any data. When you want to get the location information, you can simply send a request to the device and get the information. For the power-saving mode, it provides up to 50 days. In this mode, the device would automatically send you the data when the car is moving. It stops when the car is parked. For the accurate mode, it transmits data continuously to your phone once you turn on MK INT’L. It can last for 25 days

Fifthly, it provides historical move function. It means that you can check your car where it moved previously. It is especially for logistic company.


Sixthly, low battery alarm will be on when the device battery is lower than 20%. Messages will be sent to your smart phone so that you can ensure the device always works


The device allows you to attach to everything that's important to you. It comes with a magnet and adhesive so you can stick it to your cars, bicycles, luggage, pets, children and elderlies, purses and so on.


Our company provides free platform fees and regular updates of the device. Therefore you can enjoy the device with a very low cost. Thanks for your support