The Misanthropy of Loneliness

The Misanthropy of Loneliness

An original play about Loneliness, it's roots, guises and consequences in contemporary society, told with candour and humour.

We did it!

On 8th Sep 2016 we successfully raised £110 with 3 supporters in 35 days

In short I have written a play and want to bring it to life on stage. Which is all well and good in theory but in reality it is rather pricey. On a feasible shoestring budget I want to put on an abridged version for a short run.  On the success of this I'm foreseeing some lovely professional theatre company entering stage right and bring the whole tale, in all its gloom and glory, to life!

My original piece about Loneliness explores and exposes the roots, guises and consequences of this elusive state in everyday life and contemporary society. It also raises the question is it mental or is it physical.

In 3 parts; Solitude & Isolation, Anxiety and Disillusionment, it is a wide lens insight into what a lonely life genuinely entails. Having had far more experience with this subject matter than I care to recall (ironically that's exactly what I've done) this journey is told with unreserved candid, lined with a bit of humour (that's what I'm hoping for). Set (predominantly) within the confines of a bedroom in South East London, over an ambiguous amount of time, this tale is of a "young" persons journey navigating loneliness and seeing the world estranged from society.

It follows a documentaryish structure, arriving at a seemingly insignificant moment, having a 360 degree peak at what's going on with no commitment to a happy ending or resolution.

Loneliness is a word often reserved for the elderly or as a side note to mental health problems. However it knows no boundaries. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or class can fall into its trap and it's a long, arduous road back. I also wanted to show the positives that one can eventually recognise from every dark experience and endorse the fact that it is okay not to be okay. For a while. But then you have to get up and move on!

An integral part in the production of this project is the people I work with. I wanted to be able to provide fully paid positions with quality resources and a professional environment to emerging theatre-makers. Where they are able to take charge and develop as leaders. I also feel it's important to play my part in breaking the cycle of 'everyone wants you to have experience but no-one wants to give you any'

All I want to do is create quality work with quality people.

I am open to suggestions and willing to answer any questions you might have before parting with your hard earned sterling. Please pledge as generously as you can while retaining the ability to pay the rent/mortgage/alimony/child support!

Thank You for your time and energy (and hopefully money)

Love Nkechinyere xx

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