The Mindful Eating project - The Inside Job

by Janaki in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

The Mindful Eating project - The Inside Job
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Raising funds to train as a certified Mind-Body Eating Coach, so that I can teach future generations how to care for their minds and bodies!

by Janaki in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

This is a tough ask for me. Being the most self-sufficient person I know i don't ask for help much (often to my disadvantage).  But I heard an inspiring TED talk by Amanda Palmer called The Art of Asking, and it hit me hard.

I am asking for something  purely so that I can give something much greater back. 

To share my time and compassion, to connect to people (in particular our young generations) on a profound level, to educate and inspire. 

I am a young (ish!) Mum qualified in teaching English as a foreign language and a long history of working in the public and private sector in HR and specialist administration. But, I stepped out of the 9 to 5 with one mission! To dedicate the next 12 months to pursuing my passions and then sharing them with the world.  Eventually I plan to open an Institute called The Inside Job, for all things inner-work related - self-empowerment, self-care, meditation, mindfulness, creativity and the list goes on. My passion is about helping people to recognise that we have to nourish ourselves on a number of levels in order to function to our fullest potential. 

I have a natural affinity to children and a big, generous giving heart! At a time of great change and loss for my 7 year old daughter and I I've been trying to think of ways to give something back to a community in need and this seems like the perfect fit. And the impact will be lasting. I hope to create profound fundamental change one step at a time, across communities. 

Someone once said that at a time of loss  the best thing one can do is to give those very things you lack to someone in greater need.

So, I'm currently trying to raise funds to enhance my training and interests in Mindfulness-based and other Spiritual Art practices. 

I came across some wonderful work by a well-known practitioner in food psychology circles, called Marc David (founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Food). His personal story and mission really resonated with me and I would love the opportunity to take his certified  Mind Body Eating Coach programme so that I can use this as the foundation for my future endeavours to help and support children and communities in need. I strongly believe we live in a world of so much chaos and hype that we've lost that crucial connection to our inner worlds.  So much so that even the simple act of eating has become a mindless activity (or an overly thought through one).  There is a definite connection between the state of our world and the rising mental health conditions we are seeing in the developed world. People are too busy looking outside for answers which lie deep within them.

I'm dreaming big.  Passionate about education and emotional intelligence and with a huge desire to make a change in the world. If I can raise the funds to complete this training it will be the catalyst for so many new ideas and initiatives which will promote wellness, consciousness and respect for the self and humanity.

Please help me to raise the money! Dig deep, cough up, give as little or as much as you can for a great cause!


With many thanks



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