The Mind and Body Studio

by Maisie Cropley in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

The Mind and Body Studio


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My aim is to create a gym focused equally around physical health and mental health, to promote all round wellness

by Maisie Cropley in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

I studied a Psychology degree and then went onto to study a masters degree in Mental Health Research, and currently work for an eating disorder charity. Those with eating disorders often struggle with overexercising and even get banned from exercising, and although many do use exercise unhealthily others find it to be a massive coping strategy and stress relief. I myself struggled with disordered eating and overexercising, sometimes exercising for up to four hours a day, despite barely eating. However, exercise later formed a massive part in my recovery, helping to relieve stress and motivating me to get stronger. I still struggle with depression and find that regular exercise, especially fun group classes like Zumba and Spinning really help to keep my mind clear, therefore I want more people with mental health problems to be able to benefit from exercise, but in a safe environment. 

To do this I want to create The Mind and Body Studio, a gym dedicated to all round well-being. While it will feature your traditional gym materials, cardio machines, weights, fitness classes it will also have added features. Such as self-help groups, peer support sessions and counselling services. Moreover, personal trainers who specialise in mental health and overexercising will also be on hand to assist those struggling to find a healthy relationship with exercise.

What your money will do:

- Allow me to undertake the relevant training courses - Zumba, Business Management

- Secure a location

- Create promotional material

- Begin The Mind and Body Studio events

Let's make 'The Mind and Body Studio' happen