The Medela School

by Oriana Jemide in London, England, United Kingdom

The Medela School


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To help everyday people improve their emotional and mental wellbeing using art as a reflective and expressive tool.

by Oriana Jemide in London, England, United Kingdom

This is not a school in a traditional sense. It is a body, developing community of artists and wellbeing practitioners combining forces to help people of all ages and backgrounds improve their emotional and mental wellbeing through creative art workshops.We design and deliver workshops that combine artistic expression, personal development and wellness to provide people with a fun, relaxed and safe space to improve their wellbeing. As well as helping individuals improve their wellbeing, our goal is to see greater in increase in healthier communities by touching on areas of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, we hope to use our workshops to help people interact with each other better at work, in their families, amongst friends and strangers. This idea was born out of a desire to see empathy practiced in our day-to-day lives for a better world. 

Since launching in 2017 (as Jewels of Jael), we run roughly 20 workshops working with various organisations including schools, universities and charities.

We want to continue working with young people, corporate companies, families and host individual sessions.

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