The Manufacturing Network

The Manufacturing Network

The Manufacturing Network is a new website to help companies find reliable, quality and affordable manufacturing businesses in the UK

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We want to start a new website and network designed to help companies and individuals find quality, reliable and affordable manufacturing companies for their specific needs in the UK.

Machining, casting, moulding, fitting and assembly, electronics, 3D printing, composites and more.

All manufacturing companies are vetted and graded before registering.

Simply upload the details and drawings of what you need manufacturing and the details will be distributed between the best suited manufactures from all around the UK.

The best quotes will then be fed back to you with a summary of the manufactures capability, experience and feedback.

This crowd funding account is to help with the costs of website design and start-up.

Manufacturing companies will be charged £100 one off fee for registration to cover costs of set up and  checks. All manufacturing companies helping toward the startup will receive free registration.