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The Mango Girl
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To raise funds for "The Mango Girl" world book tour; to inspire & empower women and girls through a story of survival against all odds.

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Growing up being abused by her father, deemed unworthy of the love of her mother, ashamed of your upbringing, living in an environment that few survive, and no where to turn but within, The Mango Girl was determined her life wasn't going to end the way it began.

From a very young age, Dr. Ava Eagle Brown learned the life lessons of perseverance and survival. In “The Mango Girl” is the courageous story of growing up in one of the poorest areas of Jamaica. Ava’s determination and courage gave rise to her belief that she was destined for more than her community could offer. The expected and ingrained recreational activities of sex, raising babies and going to the farm were not enough for this young girl. She taught herself fortitude, enough to forge a very different path than the one expected of her.

Ava’s story starts in an area of high deprivation, even by rural Jamaica’s standards, where the need to find food often won over school attendance. Her journey through her adolescent years was dominated by the dark shadows of incest, homelessness, violence and sexual abuse. Ava's life took an entirely different path when the event of being held and raped at gunpoint in front of her 3-year-old daughter finally pushed her to flee her home country to save her sanity. She describes it as being ejected from her OWN DNA.

Resilience and love for her native country allowed Ava to see all her harsh and disappointing experiences as mere stepping stones to becoming a strong and self-reliant woman; a woman who is capable of helping our society to break the cycle of poverty and its effects.

The Mango Girl - Global Empowerment Project and Book Tour

This book was written and Ava now lives a life of purpose and passion to impact lives, awaken individuals young and old, and cause shifts that create change for women and girls to live a more empowered life. This crowdfunding campaign is Ava’s quest to share her message through her book and begin the work that while others are also doing, she has a unique perspective … a Black Jamaican Woman who survived and whose story is going to be told through film.

Ava’s life and her unyielding belief in having a better life for herself and her daughter propelled her to author this undeniable best-selling book. To let her story be known and bring the message of perseverance, resilience and love to women and girls around the world, Ava has launched this crowdfunding campaign to cover the cost of her Global Empowerment Project and Book Tour.

We are asking for your heart, your help spreading the word, and your contributions as we share Ava’s life journey through her book, “The Mango Girl”.

When you contribute to the campaign, you will receive a copy of The Mango Girl book. Contributing at a higher level, you will receive multiple copies to give away to family and friends or share as a group reading and discussion project. Read the book individually, or as a group project where you can share your insights, the things that impacted you, and the things you can possibly relate to in your own life.

Through reading Ava’s story, you will experience her triumphs, setbacks, and trials. The Mango Girl will break your heart, and it will make you smile. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride that evokes a wide range of emotions, breaking and healing your heart with Ava’s tale, and that will undoubtedly Motivate, Inspire, and Fuel a desire for change. It will open your heart, strengthen your mind and give power to your voice to break the cycle of negativity, poverty and abuse that may be a part of your own life, allowing you to command the desires of your heart.

Be a part of the Perseverance Empowerment Project and Global Book Tour, as Ava shares her story to inspire and empower women and girls all around the world. Become a contributor Today!

Through our campaign we are intentionally creating opportunities for groups of women and girls to experience the passion and power that Ava shares about her journey in life. The funds we raise will cover the global tour coming to cities like London, Toronto, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Panama City, Montego Bay, Bridgetown Capital City of Barbados, Dallas, Los Angeles, Sydney, Tokyo, and possibly more. Some of the reward levels include having Ava come to speak and sign books for your group, Church, company, or organization.

The Perseverance Empowerment Project and Global Book Tour will give you the opportunity to

  • hear Ava speak, telling parts of her story that will bring you to tears, and other parts that will impact and inspire you,
  • meet her in person as she signs your book,
  • be a part of the tour event that includes a discussion time where Ava will answer questions from the audience about the things that may be impacting you, giving you the chance to decide what might change to improve and enhance your life.

“The Answer Project” … Additionally, during the campaign, Dr. Ava will be collecting unpublished short-story manuscripts from contributors (females of all ages) who feel they have a story to share. She will be producing an anthology of short stories in her upcoming book … 

“Perseverance and Resilience 

Are the Answer to the Question - HOW?

How do I survive?  How do I thrive?  How do I make a difference?”

This new book project … “The Answer Project” will be one or a series of books containing compelling stories written to help heal and free women of the pain that life may have them under. These will also be stories from those who are survivors, living free and who want to share their story. These stories will be a stepping stone for some to walk out of the life they may have been experiencing and into the light of a new day filled with hope and promise.

Dr. Ava’s desire is to live her legacy and to leave a legacy for those who come after her, inspiring those who are walking this journey with her to ‘Keep Walking’. Keep moving forward. Keep seeing your best life is ahead of you and we want your story in this book project.

Being a part of “The Answer Project” means, you can become a published author and begin to open the portals of living your legacy life.

NOTE:  All manuscripts will go though a selection process for publication eligibility. Manuscript submission guidelines must be followed to qualify as an entry. All manuscripts must be submitted via email, with a copy of your contribution or purchase receipt for your book. If your book was a gift or obtained as part of a crowdfunding campaign group of books, you must complete and submit a gift receipt.

All entries must be received by no later than 11:59pm EST on Friday, August 31, 2018 at the following email address: 

Authors whose manuscripts are selected to be a part of the upcoming book, will be notified by email October 15, 2018. We anticipate the book release in time for Holiday promotions. 

Do You Need Help?

If you are in an abusive or harmful situation and you need direct help now, please let us know and we will direct you to resources we believe will be able to help. We will make every attempt to help and we will look forward to your participation and commitment to receiving that help.

This empowerment project is for women of all races, ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. While this is a story of a Jamaican woman, it’s a story of many women. We want to help you to find a way up and out, into the hope of a new day. We want to help you find a way to believe in yourself and to find your power within.

Contribute today and help us help others. Whether it’s you, someone you know or someone you don’t know, your contribution matters, as does every woman or girl we will be able to help.

We are making a special appeal to professional women and women entrepreneurs to support us in this global effort. Your help is more than a statement of caring, it is the action that will help women to learn this story and the stories of others, to inspire and empower them to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Thank you!

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown and The Mango Girl Empowerment Project Team

P.S.  I am very excited to announce that I've engaged an international production company, based in the US, to turn my script, based on my book, into a feature film. I brought them on as a partner and I still own the rights to the movie. I'm excited to share that has agreed to help package and distribute the film in North American. European distribution is being taken care of by another firm, which I am excited to partner with. 

This movie project is intended to bring a new dimension of understanding to men and women that women and girls will no longer take the abuse, terror and trauma of treatment that is not warranted or right. My book tour gets the conversation started. The movie takes the conversation to another level.

Thank you all for your generous contributions and for your support. I am my team truly appreciate you.

Please contact us at with questions or details about how Dr. Ava can speak to your group or organization.

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown is an author, teacher, life and business coach, international inspirational speaker and motivator, helping people throw off their shackles, fears and reservations. “The Mango Girl” is a portrayal of Ava’s journey against incredible odds.



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