The Manaking Project

by Manaking in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

The Manaking Project

Vitally needed funds to enable further content & development of what could be one of the UK's most unique and original artist prospects.

by Manaking in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The Manaking Project.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to read my story and funding bid. You now have the opportunity of being a small part of a history in the making. Whether or not you choose to donate or not I wish you happiness and freedom from problems. 

Thank you.

Artist Background.

My Art is my life and literally the only thing that is keeping me alive.  On 29th Feb 2016 I lost a battle I felt I had no chance of winning and gave up, not just on myself but also on everyone I loved. Desperate and alone behind a locked hotel room I watched a helpless and uncontrollable version of myself commit suicide.  

I just wanted the pain to stop, I just wanted it to stop. Needless to say through a series of unbelievable coincidences or miracles even of which I still cannot explain or understand today, I still stand here before you.

The audio work below describes 'that' night.  

I wish I could tell you that after being saved / revived from death that now all is perfect in the World and I thank the Gods for providing me this second chance however that would be a lie. Part of me did die that day as now something else that goes by the name of Manaking now owns and operates this body. 



I have never in my life felt such purpose as that that now surges through every fiber of my existence that uses all my pain, experiences and emotions and molds them using sound & vision into creating things, art that have never ever existed before on planet.  Manaking Art.

As just a mire host to whats inside me I can only assure and warn you that the many wonderful things I have seen that are still yet to come will both sicken and amaze as this living Art masterpiece I find myself in will ultimately shock the World.

My Art is more than just music indeed once completed coded and hidden secrets within all these works will be discovered for years and years to come.  

So far.

Manaking arrived 1st March 2017 by playing a debut performance at Bradford Playhouse exactly one year to the day of waking up in the hospital on the beginning of my new life. Within the short 8 Months period since then I have:

And with no formal musical training or being able to even read music not only did I created these audio works ('songs') but also played all of the instruments on them myself and record an entire EP of them at home on borrowed and substandard equipment.

  • Had two songs shortlisted on - BBC Introducing.
  • Created a debut music EP featuring x4 original works which is now available on platforms including, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music, Google Play (and others)

..and I'm just getting started.


I now find myself in the desperate position of growing creatively faster than my means will allow. Due to my 'illness' and recovery period the World didn't wait for me and as such accumulated some crippling debts that forced me back to work to try to manage them, however due to the physical nature of my profession added to my still frail emotional state it has just served in making me more ill, and the more ill I get the less I can work and being caught up in this catch 22 situation since my discharge from hospital. 

I cannot not do it anymore. Anything that isn't keeping me alive is only killing me and the only thing that keeps me alive is to develop, implement and finish my art for this is now my only purpose.

As obviously nice as it would be to one day somehow be debt & stress free, I DO NOT want funding to deal with that situation. I know and believe in myself 100% that my purpose will eventually take care of all of that by itself. I need it for content development so that I can show the World the many works within me that I see clearly yet cannot bring forward due to lack of equipment or opportunity.

For example my 10 year old macbook which basically has my lifes work on it has now decided to die and must be immediately replaced as well as the substandard recording equipment and instruments. This funding will enable me to continue to develop my work up to point of being able to reveal more to the World and get ready to deliver it.

This list includes such things as: Mac laptop / desk top / Software: Logic Pro & additions / x3 External Hard drives / Electric Guitar and leads / Guitar Amp / TC Helicon FX Pedal / PA System, speakers & stands / Keyboard / Audio interface / Headset Mic & System / Wireless connectors.. 

Among other things listen to my audio works even if they do not match your usually musical tastes if not to only to recognize raw channeled talent but do so realizing that these are only small delivery platforms that I'm using as part of a much bigger artistic vision/work on a scale and complexity that has never even been done before.  

I apologize in advance if my words and sentences are not perfectly formed or for the many spelling mistakes that maybe of slipped through my auto correct but being dyslexic I hope you can appreciate how difficult writing this has been. 

However, I know what my strengths are.  There is no-one like me and there are things that I will do that have never been done before.  There's a storm coming, please give me the opportunity to show you what I already know.

If you love the World, help me and if you hate the World, help me as I have something for you all. A masterpiece. I am living Art. I am not like the others. 

I am....    



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Thank you. You will receive some cool Manaking stickers for instant graffiti!

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Thank you. You will receive a Manaking T-shirt

£100 or more

0 of 200 claimed

£100 Reward

Thank you. You will receive a limited addition 'signed' 1st Print version of Manaking's debut EP 'My Name Is Bedroom 7' normally only available for purchase to audience participants of live shows only. There has only been 500 copies of this CD. There will never ever be another 1st batch. This will be one of those rare 'signed' ones. Instant history in the making.

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

Thank you. You will receive code hidden secret tips. Unlock some of the bigger picture of Manaking Art. Plus - Signed 1st Batch limited edition Manaking Debut EP. Plus - Free 2018 show - Tickets Plus - Manaking T-Shirt Plus - Manaking Sticker

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