Man in Red

I'd like to turn my Christmas Story into a Beautiful Picture Book that kids can enjoy everywhere. Receive a Pre-release Copy for a £5 pledge

by Tom Story in Southampton, Hampshire, England

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Pledge £5 and get a First Batch Edition of Man in Red before it's official Christmas release on Tom's Storytime.

I want this heart warming Christmas Book to be beautifully illustrated for kids to enjoy everywhere. 

Here is an extract...I hope you enjoy. 

Once upon a midnight dreary, came a figure oh so clearly,

A man rotund all dressed in red, crept silently beneath my bed,

I followed him 'til I could see, him steal my gifts beneath our tree,

And as I was about to shout, I pinched my arm removing doubt,

On yelp he turned, fell on our pouf, then scampered up onto the roof,

I yelled, I screamed, my Mum came in, ‘a man,’ I shrieked, ‘with twisted grin.’

As I sat down my Mum she told, me stories of this Santa old,

Convinced, I wasn't, of his good, why creep around beneath a hood?

I pondered long upon this thought, this bearded thief, soot-prints he brought,

This Santa fella, bringing toys? Why eat our food, why make such noise?

‘I'm not convinced,’ I told my mum, ‘if he's so good why drink our rum?’

My mum she laughed and snorted out, her wine, then hugged, I still had doubt.

A year past by as midnight struck, I sat up waiting for this buck,

As surely as each year you age, the man strolled in, bag light and beige,

I've waited a long time for this, you thieving man, trespass in bliss,

You took my pies, my milk and still, you crunched my carrots at your will,

I know you Claus, I know your game, but still you collect up all the fame,

You fraud in red, your cheeks all rosy, butter melts? You must be dozy,

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