The Magick Mermaid needs a home.

The Magick Mermaid needs a home.

The Magick Mermaid needs a home. After two years of being online, it's definitely time to get us a shop.

We did it!

On 10th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £90 with 7 supporters in 28 days


So, to sell this idea: Hmmm.....

Now fast forward from the birth of The Magick Mermaid in 2015, to now, if you will, & here I am. Still engrossed in this incredible world of nautical & magical wonderfullness. 2017 is proving to be a year full of twists & turns &, has brought an enormous want/need for The Magick Mermaid to have a real home. More than a desk facing my lounge wall, crammed with jewellery findings & tools. Crystals  to energise and annoint the results of a day sat making the imaginations of what I believe reflects this world of deep and dark.


After a brief 'spell' in the market emporium of St Ives, where I ran a small space alongside other traders, I realised that The Magick Mermaid really DID filled a niche.  There really are people who want jewellery that reflects their love of the deepest, darkest oceans whilst embracing those who believe in magick & moonlight. Now, let's be straight here. I'm fully aware I'm no artisan 'silversmith'. I'm not trained & am now a master artist in the world of jewellery making. Heck, I don't even 'make' all the jewellery that represents TMM. What I do is bring together all that I think serves the ocean & Wicca truly & respectfully. Wether it be something you wear, something you drink from, something you use to infuse your spell work, or even something to tell you the time.

So, why should you help me to fulfil this dream of mine? I wish I could sell this like a pro. I honestly don't know what I should say to make you want to help me raise funds so I can rent a shop, & bring The Magick Mermaid to life. I'm rubbish at selling MYSELF let alone a world that not everyone understands. I want to create a space where both kids and adults alike walk into & feel like they've walked into another world. A world where the big bad co operations don't exist. Where fairies just might be watching you, & Dragons may just be snoozing around the corner. Or, if you stand quiet & still enough, you might be able to hear the swoosh of a mermaids tail as she dives deep back into her mystical world of watery wonder. Yes, I realise that not everyone believes in this stuff but I've yet to see someone watch Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland & not get lost in the magick. The reality is that we all need something to believe in. Something that makes us feel like anything is possible. Something that reminds us of what an incredible natural world we inhabit. 

Cornwall is the 'land of magick & St Ives holds it's own air of wonder & mystique. But it's at risk of getting lost in a world of chains & franchises. So help me keep grounded. Let's bring the energy of The Magick Mermaid to the ground. Let her flourish.

I forgot to do the lottery this week so I can forget buying the perfect property for TMM to flourish, so renting it is. Unfortunately I just can't do this alone. I wish I had the means to set up & be this amazing, independant business woman who done it all by herself but I just can't. So this is where you wonderful, lot come in. Your Great British Pounds can give The Magick Mermaid a home. If you just pledged even £2 it would make a huge difference. You really could create Magick.

So please donate & help me raise enough money. I know it's a big ask, & I know there's a hundred reasons why you might not want to donate to help me fulfil MY dream - All I can say is that if I could help you fulfil your dream, I would. 

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