The Magic Barrel Organ by NTC

by Newsroom Theatre Company in London, England, United Kingdom


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Newsroom Theatre Company wants to bring this family theatre adventure to the stage and share it with as many "young-at-heart"s as possible.

by Newsroom Theatre Company in London, England, United Kingdom

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The Magic Barrel Organ lives for the stage

After producing a half-animated and half-video-recorded version of the show for December 2020 - all done remotely by a cast of 50 professionals, amateurs, teens and kids - we at Newsroom Theatre Company want to bring this heart-warming family show to the stage as soon as possible post CoViD.

Step by step with your help

As a new company, Newsroom Theatre Company wants to raise as much start capital as possible to approach bigger donors and sponsors to match the crowdfunding and to realise a theatrical version as soon as 2021. Depending on the funding that could result in anything from a Fringe Production for example in Edinburgh, a UK tour or a few weeks of residency in a smaller or bigger theatre.

Watch For Free 

Check out the already releases episodes of the demo version via this link:


(1st of 3 episodes released Sunday Nov 29th)

Your Donations

We have set up some rewards for you for bigger donations. But every single pound you can spare in these difficult times for many, is very welcome and rest assured your donation will help secure the future of live theatre for many theatre disciplines not just performers.

All your donations will go towards a future for the Magic Barrel Organ or (in case we can’t reach enough here and with our additional funding and sponsoring activities) towards other public productions within Newsroom Theatre Company, which many of the professional performers and creatives of the video project The Magic Barrel Organ are already a part of.

Inclusivity and Representation

The way we have adapted The Magic Barrel Organ, the script allows even more divers casting choices and allows directors and producers with their decisions on design, casting and outreach to bring it to the maximum! We tried with our demo version to show some potential on conscious casting choices in regards to race, gender, accents, nationality, professionalism/outreach and education/development. Every production has its limitation and no production can sort out the world and its biases in one go - but conscious decisions for theatre makers is a must.

Areas we'd like to dig in further on a future production is making the production accessible for audiences with difficulties in hearing and seeing, showcase disabled performers, challenge gender images with non-binary approaches to characters and add extra efforts to attract cast, creatives and audiences of non-white backgrounds as well as other parts of the population which don't see theatre as a feasible perspective professionally or as a stimulating and forming experience for a healthy mind.

Our wish

Much like Carl and Dropsy, we’d like for the music and the story of The Magic Barrel Organ to be heard by as many people as possible all over the country - all over the world really.

Although magic won’t sort out our lives and make “everything and everyone safe and sound” without our all efforts, we hope our story will bring you joy, hope and some confidence for this year's festive season and the start into the new year!

Thank you

Thank you for reading and watching about The Magic Barrel Organ and thank you in advance for your support in spreading the videos - and your generous donations.



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