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A worldly-sound and a high-energy style of supercharged instrumental acoustic music! Help fund The Machete's first studio album!

We did it!

On 19th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £1,296 with 44 supporters in 56 days

Hello! Thanks for checking out The Machete recording project. 

Best described as a  worldly-sound and a high-energy style of  supercharged instrumental acoustic music blending all kinds of exotic sounds, textures and tones . We make music that people can relate to every bit as much as it makes them dance, move and groove.

Earlier this year we recorded a collection of our music, live.
With the sole intention of selling it and using the money to buy studio time, cute ay? However as you may of guessed studio doesn't come cheap. So, we  have 150 cd's to sell, £5 each (£6 if you include delivery) If we sell them all we make £750! Not too shabby. So that's the minimum target we're looking for, and this is flexifunding, so we keep what we rasie. We're also selling CD's and T-shirts at our gigs to put towards it, we'll share that with you on the 'updates' . Check out the video below, it's track numero two on our live album.

Trial Of The Comrade, from our live EP: 

Why crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding seems to be something that's working,  we see it as a great way to sell our CD and give back something awesome for your support.   Pre order a limited copy of the new album you help fund with your name in the album artwork, a personal video thank you from all of us, a Machete heat changing mug,  a private home gig!  


If you like what you hear and believe in our spirit then join us on our mission to spread love to the world through music. 
Thank you
(left to right ^)
Dom Vermeulen-Smith, Matt Hallett, Sam Brawn  John Deacon

The funding method for this project is keep what you raise. If we reach our target we can begin straight away, if we don't then we continue to raise the funds through live shows and online sales, and all pledges will still be honred at the end of  the campagne.

Please check that your pledge has been confirmed! 

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