Scarlett Noir

Scarlett Noir

A complete wedding service, from dresses flowers cars and cakes, to arranging your honeymoon, you want it, we can do it.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Having made many wedding cakes and provided services to couples ensuring their day runs smoothly I would love to be able to take the next step and offer all wedding services. Imagine how less stressful it would be if you could access all you wanted in one place, where a wedding planner, not only listened to your desires but was able to fulfill all your expectations herself or with the help of her dedicated hand chosen team. 

An exclusive boutique, where you can try on and choose your dress, taste cake, view the flowers and relax with a complementary foot massage. 

Everything from invitations to organising your honeymoon, nothing is too much trouble.  You want it, you got it