Rediscovering The Lost Words for Cumbria

by Cumbria Wildlife Trust in Carlisle, England, United Kingdom


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To give schools a copy of The Lost Words and to provide children with activities and experiences to inspire them about their natural world.

by Cumbria Wildlife Trust in Carlisle, England, United Kingdom

The Lost Words book is a thing of beauty! If you haven't read the hypnotic spells and had the chance to gaze at the captivating images, you really should take a moment to do so. 

The book highlights the words which are disappearing from the language of children. The poems spells in the book provide the perfect way to interest children and to get them thinking again about our natural world. The images that dance across the pages are wonderful inspirations to creativity and exploration.

By funding this project you will be providing activities and providing experiences to help the next generation to understand and appreciate the natural world which can only lead to good things.

We think this is important and hope you do too. Please will you help us to work with school children and to rekindle their imagination?

- £100 pays for one school to receive one copy of The Lost Words with a half day education session focussed around book and our natural environment. This will be a mix of in classroom and outdoor activities for at least 30 children.

- £50 pays for one school to receive one copy of The Lost Words with a talk at assembly.

- £18 pays for one school to receive one copy of The Lost Words in the post. (The cost for the book is £18 per book (£15 plus £3 postage and packaging). We could get the book for £10 per copy - but this means neither the supplier nor the authors receive any income from the book - which we think doesn't seem fair!)

However, simply posting a book to a school doesn't mean it will be looked at or read! 

To get children interested and to get them thinking (and caring) about their natural environment - it is much better to go into the school and run an educational session based around The Lost Words. This is why we would like to spend, at least, half a day working with children to inspire them. 

Please will you help to inspire children and bring them closer to nature?

In 2020, we plan to run an event at our base in Houghton, Carlisle. Here, the visitor hub and gardens will be themed around The Lost Words and will provide a perfect setting for this event.  We will invite along everyone who helped make the project happen (as long as you provide us with your details!), school children and their families. We also hope to raise enough money to allow us to create The Lost Words trail at this visitor hub and gardens. 

"It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living." David Attenborough

Let's make 'Rediscovering The Lost Words for Cumbria' happen

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