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by Carly Attridge in London, England, United Kingdom


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The Loss Project provides life affirming programmes that gives people the tools and confidence to support themselves & each other.

by Carly Attridge in London, England, United Kingdom

1597746530_the_loss_project_logo_(1).pngThe Loss Project has spent the last 12 months working with people in communities who have experienced grief, loss and trauma. It has shown us that there is a massive gap for people who want safe, inclusive and welcoming spaces where they can connect, share and process their grief and loss. We know that when it comes to well being and self care, there is already a lot out there, but can often be super expensive and can feel a bit exclusive. We believe there is space for a new programme, that is affordable, inclusive and can help people through their difficult times in order to achieve their full potential in their own unique way.

We want to create amazing experiences through online retreats, that enables people to connect with others, share through creativity, and learn deeply about themselves. We want you to leave feeling nourished and connected. 

The money we raise will make sure that we can access the best expertise to provide a programme that fits our ethos, provides value for money and above all gives people the space, tools and confidence that they need. It will enable us to promote the experiences widely, and also to provide free spaces to those who are unable to pay for it themselves. We think that giving people the tools and resources they can use after the retreat is also important, and the money will also help us to create a digital resource box, full of content that will support people after the live experience.

“It felt like a really safe space” Spoon Room Participant, June 2020


We know that the pandemic has caused significant distress around grief and loss for certain groups, and our new experiences will be tailored specifically for them initially:

- People who have been bereaved
- People who have experienced job losses


1597677960_loss_themed_spoon_room_dates_for_your_diary.pngTestimonial: Cat Duncan-Rees, who lost her father in early March, has found solace in both the general and the loss-themed Spoon Rooms. “It was helpful to join a group of people knowing that I didn’t have to pretend. I could just be...There is no pressure to talk about anything in particular. There was one loss-themed session where I don’t think I even talked about my Dad.”



The Programme

We have a talented range of expert facilitators already being lined up to deliver a tailored programme for you. With no more than 20 people per experience, you'll have lots of opportunity to connect with others, explore what matters to you and learn new tools and techniques that will help you after the retreat has finished. The programme will include a variety of speakers and interactive workshops, based around connecting, creativity, nature, meditation, nutrition, mindset and fitness. At the end of the retreat you'll have access to your very own resource box that's yours to keep full of top tips, products and digital content to access after the retreat has finished. The important thing for us is that you find a community of like minded people, and that you experience the programme in a way that is right for you.

Our confirmed partners so far include:

1597678103_michael_we_all_fit.jpg1597678131_danielle_we_all_fit.jpgWe All Fit- embraces the uniqueness of everyone's journey and provides fitness, mindset and nutrition coaching

1597696507_isik_t.jpgIsik Tlabar, a talented transformational coach and skilled in providing meditation and breathwork sessions. Isik experienced her own grief after her Dad died and she is passionate about helping people.

1598528633_ashley_oval_productions.jpgAshley from Oval Productions, will lead personal narratives workshop exploring your personal identity and crafting your own story in a fun, safe and interactive way.

Other partners in the line up include: Riot Soup, a women of colour artist collective, Hackney Herbal, mashing up herbs and wellbeing in creative ways, Danielle Copperman, all about wellbeing and good nutrition.

What we do

The Loss Project connects people in local communities through the experience of grief, loss and trauma. We work with losses in all of their forms, and are interested in the universality of experiences of loss. Loss can be an isolating experience, challenging resilience and well being with little opportunities for communities to grow their confidence and abilities to tackle these issues for themselves.

We aim to generate a community response to loss so that we can challenge the stigma and taboo, and cut through the barriers of having "difficult" conversations. We build capacity, by giving people the language, the tools and the confidence to support themselves and each other. 

Testimonial: "My son died nearly four years ago and I experienced and observed the effects of grief on family, friends and in our community....[through The Loss Project workshops] we are looking to ourselves to know what helped to support our grief and what did not, whilst acknowledging the many different faces of grief. We work from people, not services. Thinking creatively about how grief is supported outside of services, from our own strengths and community." Participant from workshop series.

Our Team

Carly Attridge- has designed, and led a number of successful volunteering and community programmes in East London and beyond, including the award winning Compassionate Neighbours programme in the hospice sector. She has shared her experiences of working in the hospice sector at national and international conferences, including working with a community group in Spain to deliver their own Compassionate Neighbours project. She has recently been completing an MA in Social Entrepreneurship at Goldsmith's University, London and believes strongly in people power.

Claire Henry MBE RGN BSc(hons) PGDip - With over 30 years working in clinical, managerial and quality improvement within the NHS and 3rd sector, Claire has an abundance of experience in palliative and end of life care. Claire has been actively involved in community engagement and developments nationally including Dying Matters which she led for 3 years. She was also co- founder of the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses. In 2013 Claire was awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours for her services to improving end-of-life care and in the same year received a lifetime achievement award from the International Journal of Palliative Nursing. 

Steph Turner- is a creative and social practitioner based in London and the South West. Fuelled by a passion for bringing people together, a curiosity about how people create and experience community as well as a drive to challenge the status quo, she works with groups and organisations to design, learn & reflect together to bring about change. 

Why The Loss Project and why this?

1597677841_me.jpgOur Founder Carly Attridge started The Loss Project after she reflected on her own well being struggles following various losses in her life. She has spent many years on a personal discovery, battling weight and confidence issues, mental health difficulties and stress and anxiety. This journey begun when she was 15, and was seriously sexually assaulted in her home town; tracking the years that followed she realised that there was a real sense of grief following her experience and this grief had impacted on how she thought about herself, processed lifes ups and downs, conducted her relationships and more importantly how she felt about herself. In recent years, many of her friends have had significant losses of parents and other family members, and after one of her own dear friends died last year she came to see that there really was something lacking from what was on offer to support people. We don't all want or need therapy, or counselling (although there is nothing wrong with that- she's tried it all!), or to sit in clinical and unwelcoming spaces feeling "othered", but we do want to express our own unique selves, have welcoming spaces to connect and share with others who have had similar experiences, and to work through things that are painful and difficult. With creativity, and a deep desire to help other people who have had similar experiences and want to explore their own experiences of loss, we hope that this is the beginnings of an exciting opportunity to reach others who may be feeling the same.

You're not alone. We see you. We hear you.


FYI re Rewards

  • We will contact you via email after the campaign has finished to redeem your reward, any rewards that need to be posted will be sent before the end of November 2020.
  • Rewards will be unable to be returned or refunded if the campaign is successful.
  • The rewards include the date which is the latest you will receive your reward by.
  • Retreat dates will take place late 2020/early 2021 - we are aiming to have them all delivered by the end of Feb 2021 at the latest. We will be flexible with dates and tell people when they will be by the end of October.
  • You are able to gift retreat places or pay a place forward. We will contact you via email to confirm this once the campaign is finished.
  • The full retreat programme will be released at the end of the campaign but will include the equivalent of x1 full day of curated well being and self care insights, exploring creativity, connection, nature, body, mind and spirit. The programme will be delivered online via a video conferencing platform in two half day sessions. There will be adequate time to connect with others in the group, and we will ensure plenty of breaks so we don't get square eyes from being on screen.


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