The Little Quaker Distillery

by Paul Colman in Darlington, England, United Kingdom

The Little Quaker Distillery
We did it
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We're raising £8,000 to help fund the launch of the first artisan distillery in our home town of Darlington

by Paul Colman in Darlington, England, United Kingdom

A dream becoming reality...

The Little Quaker Distillery

The Little Quaker Distillery is the brainchild of Paul and Leanne Colman, a husband and wife partnership who share a love of gin coupled with a burning desire to run their own distillery business.

Born out of hard work and tight financial controls, the partnership has spent the last 12 months researching various business models and testing different gins to create a gin that reflects them, their hometown and their desire to escape the daily grind of the 9-5.

We can make fantastic gin and in time rum. Our signature gin is a wonderfully moreish fruity drink that hits the taste senses with its light juniper flavours playing in tandem with jammy elderberry before finishing with the stunning Morello cherries; leaving a wonderful sweet fruity aftertaste that cries out for more.

Does this sound great to you? Do want to try it? .... well, at the moment The Little Quaker distillery only have 250 ml samples available but that's where you can help.

We want to ramp up production and get the distillery following in the footsteps of the steam trains from Darlington, we want to go full steam ahead and rocket out of Darlington the best small Craft Distillery for miles around.

We would love to see The Little Quaker Gin out there for all of you to buy, it's a great little business, an amazing gin and we will produce a great Rum, but we need some help to stoke the fires of the still and produce it.

Our Story

We are Paul and Leanne, we love gin just like you. We want to escape from the daily grind of the 9-5 and make gin for a living, who wouldn't?.......

We've started on an adventure, one that we would love you to be a part of. Over the last 12 months we have researched gin both tasting and making, the tasting was great fun, the hangovers… well they were in the line of duty, right?

Our aim is to make a gin that gives you the fruity sweetness that the ‘liquors’ produce whilst maintaining what a real gin is about with that fresh citrus flavour with a kick. Our Signature gin fondly nicknamed ‘Escape’ is a British Gin made using a blend of local botanical's including some homegrown by ourselves.

There are so many new gins out there so why do this? Well we think it’s an exciting time and our research told us something was missing in the market.

A local north-eastern Gin; fresh light citrus hits with a stunning sweet fruity finish, a very moreish gin that leaves you wanting more. We started by experimenting with a basic gin made via the London Dry Gin method and added more complex flavours in search of the perfection.

What started off as a bit of fun became a labour of love, the more we experimented the closer we got to our holy grail. Each new batch that we developed taught us something new about the process. We made revisions took notes and finally on batch #7 we found the holy grail. After months of tasting and experimenting we had developed a gin that when tasted hit the taste buds like a steam train exiting the tunnel.

The Little Quaker Distillery was ready to leave the station and the gin that we had nicknamed the Escape was born.

We now want you to be able to taste this fantastic gin that's our story here's the plan.

The Plan 

The Little Quaker Distillery is almost there, we have put our life's work in to this project, but we need one last little push to get us over the line. We need some help to get the gin made, some help to get it bottled in a volume that will allow us to get it out there into the big wide world for everyone to taste enjoy and love.....we guarantee you won't regret it.

To get the Little Quaker Distillery to this stage has surpassed what we dreamed of, we have invested everything into this not just money but our time and tons of effort. We hope that you will believe in us enough to trust us when we say this little distillery is going to produce a gin that is everything you want and more besides.

It's Friday, it's 5pm, the weekend is here and it’s time to forget work. There is only one thing you want and that is a G&T. There is only one gin that you need to escape, and that gin is made by The Little Quaker Distillery.

As two lovers of gin we have toiled to make a gin that we will drink forever but we want more than that we want to make that gin for you. Please help us get this distillery up and running and like that famous train the Rocket which left Darlington in 1825 we want this gin to steam out of Darlington into your home pub or supermarket in the next few months.

Help us to get off the ground and the rewards will be great.

Estimated Delivery is Oct 2018


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

The big thank you

A big thank you for believing in our dream. You will receive regular newsletter updates on our progress and special offers. Best of all you will be personally responsible for helping us reach our funding goal.

£15 or more

Small batch Gin

You will receive two x 50 ml sample bottles from our first batch of Little Quaker Gin and an investors pack . Investors pack includes certificate of investment, an exclusive investors pin badge and a premium tonic water matched to the Gin.

£35 or more

15 of 200 claimed

The first batch

you will receive one x 70cl bottle from the first batch of Little Quaker Gin and an investors pack. Investors pack includes a certificate of investment, an exclusive investors pin badge and a premium tonic water matched to the Gin.

£50 or more

12 of 40 claimed

The 100 club

you will receive one x 70cl bottle from the first 100 bottles produced by The Little Quaker Distillery. Each bottle will be numbered and hand signed by the owners Leanne and Paul, plus you will receive an investors pack. Investors pack includes certificate of investment, an exclusive investors pin badge and a premium tonic water matched to the Gin.

£90 or more

8 of 30 claimed

The Gift that keeps giving

One x 70cl bottle of the first batch of Gin plus one x 70cl bottle on your birthday (Nov 2018 - Oct 2019) and one bottle of Gin at Christmas 2018. Plus an investors pack

£150 or more

5 of 15 claimed

Six of the best

Six x 70 cl bottles of the first batch of Little Quaker Gin plus an investors pack

£250 or more

1 of 1 claimed

The ultimate a piece of history

The ultimate £250 option is Bottle no 1 from the distillery , the very first bottle from our very first batch of Little Quaker Gin, hand signed and hand numbered by Leanne and Paul with a photograph of it being bottled a real collectors item that can never be repeated. Plus and investors pack

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