The Little Mobile Wool Shop

The Little Mobile Wool Shop

An extension of my wool shop. A mobile shop taking the same stock to a wide local area, offering craft supplies to those unable to get out.

We did it!

On 23rd May 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Hello and thank you for looking at my project. 

I am opening a wool shop soon, with some very funky supplies, and a wide range of yarns and goods that are locally produced, or handmade by UK crafters. 

I am also teaching, hoping to get the old skills out to a newer audience, and keep them alive in this modern age of technology! I have been working with wool since i was a child, and have more recently started to dabble with designing and producing garments, and household items. This has led to my desire for a wool shop to be reignited and i now have an opportunity to do it albeit in a small way to begin with!  Expansion is very much on the cards for as soon as is possible!

However, due to this business being a sudden decision, and one i have to get up and running as soon as i can, { i have to grab my oppurtunity very quickly with both hands!}, the funds are pretty tight for all I have planned......

So the reason for asking your help with my project?

Living in a lovely seaside town, i have found we are surrounded by retirement and residential homes, full of people wishing to carry on with their hobbies, but not always able to get to the shops. Knowing how computer hating my own parents are, i know how a lot of retired people in particular, are not keen to embrace the internet to fact this is not exclusive to an age group...There are a fair few people of all ages that really dont want to shop by internet! And we  are priveliged to live near a beautiful rural area too, again holding many villages and communities not able to get out regularly to towns or cities.

So i am on the hunt for a van, to turn into a mobile shop for those that cant -or wont!- head to the shops or turn on a computer. Wool is one of the things you want to see, for colour, and feel for softness, to be able to pick your buttons to finish your jumper....So i aim to have the van kitted out to provide as much choice as possible to mobile customers,  I have an amazing driver in my dad....a dialysis patient of age 78...his working life came to a halt 4 years ago when he sufered kidney failiure and had to stop his job. After a long struggle he is now fitter and healthier than ever and very keen to fill his spare days with something constructive! I cant think of a better person to help the mobile customers and keep the van running efficiently {him being an ex serviceman and passionate about regularity, punctuality and customer service to a fault!}

Your help with my initial setting up of this Mobile shop will be invaluable in providing a colourful, vibrant lifeline to a lot of people in a wide radius, who may otherwise miss out on keeeping their minds and hobbies alive at times when they are not so able in other ways.

Thank you for reading all this...I hope to meet you all in the shop for tea and cake and to spend those reward vouchers!

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