The little book of unity!

The little book of unity!

Raising money for refugees through a fashion exhibition - The blending together of traditional religious dress and British street style!

We did it!

On 5th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £204 with 7 supporters in 42 days


About us-

We are two fashion styling students in our 3rd year of university who want to use our final major project to support a good and very relevant cause! We want to raise awareness and funds for a UK registered charity helping regugees arriving into the uk!

Our project-

Through research we have noticed that across the UK many people who are involved in different religious groups are adopting elements from the British streetwear culture! This is something that we found visually interesting as we often see people combining both features of their traditional religious dress with items from the modern streetwear trend.

what we are doing-

We are in the process of creating a series of documentary images that combine visual aesthetics from religious dress and British streetwear to highlight the similarities of different religious groups by a style that can be found within all of them.

why now-

The reason that we feel this is so important now is because of the growing tensions between different religious and social groups, something that we want to contribute to diminishing! 

why we need your help-

We want to curate an exhibition featuring the image series and a photobook that we can sell at the exhibition and online, all profits will be donated to the chosen charity but we can not afford to do this independantly! So please help 2 enthusiastic students to attempt to raise awareness in our peer group about this social issue and to show unity and attempt to raise money to support refugees! 

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