The LifeRaft Reinvented

by TBC 12 in North Shields, England, United Kingdom

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To be provided the resources to produce a working prototype of a proven life raft concept to increase locatability when lost at sea

by TBC 12 in North Shields, England, United Kingdom

The world we live in sees a necessity for sustenance requiring resources to be shipped worldwide, this combined with our passion for this leisure results in an impressive logistic network utilised by a range of organisations. From shipping to military, from cruise lines to dinghy’s our worlds waterways are the busiest they have been and are only set to get busier. 

Due to the cost-effective nature and speed of modern international shipping, more cargo is being sent via coastal shipping routes than any other method. Medium size shipping freighters containing 25,000 tonnes of cargo at once span the globe numbering in excess of 50,000 individual commercial shipping vessels in operation.

So why does the life raft need to be “Reinvented”?

Based on the growing volume of vessels at sea the risk of being in an in incident resulting in the abandonment of a vessel is growing significantly. This combined with a high volume of privately owned and pleasure craft ensures the chances of someone, somewhere being in formidable distress overboard very high!

This will lead many people to ask with this unprecedented danger surely current lifesaving equipment and the associated standards, are fit for purpose? Well in short, yes! It is, within the current market the rigorous standards (ISO 9650-1/9650-2) we can ensure a stable platform and environment to preserve the lives of crew and passengers in danger.

Rafts are typically produced in an iconic orange colour with reflective silver strips making visual identification easier given correct conditions. This brings us to another fundamental question, what if the observer is out of the visual line of sight or available light source(s) are insufficient? Possibly nothing, potential rescuers may pass by unaware. Off shore navigation (Type 1) rafts include deployable radar reflective apparatus increasing the ability for passing vessels to be made aware of on water by simple radio return. 

What will we do better?

Given the conditions in which a vessel is expected to be abandoned in rough sea conditions, with potential casualties the first course of action will most likely, not include deploying these specific resources. 

Our objective is to introduce to the market a redesigned platform to bringing integrated positioning tools and enhanced radar cross-sectional awareness as standard to life saving equipment. When exposed to harsh environments and cold seas, the odds of survival once in a raft are dashed when wet and cold. By introducing these technologies, bringing casualties and rescuers closer together quicker, we can save lives


With rigorous testing and quality controls significant resources to get lifesaving equipment green lit for commercial use, With numerous proposals, design idea’s and innovations of patient potential we would require a large volume of resources.

Roughly speaking, for the assets and equipment to ensure we could become self-sufficient we would require almost £250k. A staggering figure but even if only one life is preserved this cost is negligible. To start working on our project to crate and test a working prototype prior to a full scale manufacture we would require up to £50k.


We are dedicated to research in saving lives at sea, based in a coastal area of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Inspired by time spent in cadet organisations, the armed forces a nd time on the water. We would be extremely grateful of anybody who supports us.



A message of thanks

Dear Supporter,

                     We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our funding proposal, to keep things simple, we look to make a difference when time is of the essence.

This venture for us started with a charity life raft challenge, although tied to a pontoon it was terrifying! The prospect of being lost at sea (Us all being sailors) has resonated with us all to this day. 

This project has since been born and were committed making them happen! Our goals may be ambitious, But so are we!


Kind Regards,

OSR North East


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

£50 Reward - Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof phone case for use when sailing, and participating water sports. These will be fulfilled mid-late November 2018.

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