The Lifeline App

by David Sturgess in London

The Lifeline App
We did it
On 5th November 2018 we successfully raised £445 with 17 supporters in 67 days

We have a big idea in The LifeLine App and we need £3000 to get cracking. Thinking small on a global scale.

by David Sturgess in London

What is the LifeLine App?

At the moment it is just a big idea, but that's where you come in. 

The LifeLine App is a new concept in mass participation charity fundraising. We are currently in the development phase and raising start up funds with traditional challenge sponsorship and through Crowdfunder. TheLifeLine App aims to be, well… a lifeline for smaller charities doing outstanding work. We aim to make big donations to change the outlook for these hardworking heroes, for the benefit of the communities and people that they serve.

When we are up and running, The LifeLine App will be a digital only platform with less running costs and less bureaucracy - this means that more of your hard earned pennies will go to the people that need it and faster. One day we hope to have an emergency fund that will be accessible at the drop of a hat.

What is the Plan?

Well, phase one, which is the development of the platform will cost £3000. I am trying to raise funds for this through the more traditional route of challenge sponsorship by running. I would say I am averagely fit and I have applied for the London Marathon next year. I decided that I could try a half marathon to get cracking then hopefully the Marathon will pay for phase two. 

The LifeLine App is not yet a registered charity, because we are not ready for that step - we need to raise a minimum of £5000 per annum, but we are working towards it. So we are using Crowdfunder to act as a portal for our start up funds rather than the normal charity sponsorship routes. The funds raised here will go into an earmarked account and we will continue to build – unless we hit the target first time out – then we’ll just get up and running!

We won't be having any fancy launch parties, or platinum version product rollouts, so it is hard to come upwith a tangible ‘In Return’ offering. However the donations and rewards page outlines what you will personally get from me for your trust and generosity.

The Future…

The LifeLine App has the potential to scale very quickly and will offer global reach right out of the box. If we are lucky enough to raise the funds we need to start, we could have £1m ready for donation in time for Christmas.

I think that there is an untapped ocean of charitable folk out there, who are prepared to help but find it hard to make time. I am sure you would agree that we all work hard and sometimes even 5 minutes can be hard to find, as can even a fiver. We would like to make charity donation quick, simple and good value.

I have chosen to 'keep what I raise' this way, even if we dont get close enough to get started - we can add to your generosity in the future. I have also put my stretch target to £5000 - who knows maybe together we can become a charity right off the bat!!


The LifeLine App – One click for a better tomorrow

There are three aims to The LifeLine App.

1: To make donating to charity or ‘giving back’ quicker, easier and better value

2: To increase the ‘pennies in the pound’ making it to the front line

3: To tell you the good news around charity donation

Q: Who will decide which charities get a grant?

A: When the foundation is formed, there will be a board of trustees who will ultimately define the grants process – we will be aiming to help smaller charities where the money goes straight onto the front line.

Q: How much will each charity get?

A: The amount will vary and to a degree will depend on how successful the fundraising is within the app – I’d like to make fewer big donations than many smaller ones. The aim will be to look at completing lifechanging projects entirely as opposed to just keeping charities afloat.

Q: How is this different to how I already donate to charity?

A: The aim of the app is to make it quicker and easier for people to donate to charity. I don’t want to take away from existing charitable donations – simply encourage a smaller donation from more people. There is a percentage of people who make donations to charity because they are friends and family of other people who are committed to challenge events or coffee mornings etc. I would like The LifeLine App to reach those people who might not be touched by these opportunities.

Q: Why do you want to do this?

A: See the last question – I conducted some research into fundraising at mass participation challenges, solo projects, community events etc. It paints a picture that a small percentage of people are making or raising big donations from the few. I’d like The LifeLine App to promote massive numbers of tiny donations quickly and easily.

Q: Will you just hound us for more or bigger donations?

A: NO! I’d like to make this app a place for good news stories. A place where there is no spam or guilt. We all know that there are people and organisations out there that need help. I’d like to make an easy route for big change.

Q: Why should we trust you or the app?

A: I don’t know. I just feel passionately that this could be a force for good in an otherwise challenging world. I have been part of some very high-profile charity events in the past, and it feels great to know that your hard work is making a difference – I’d like to feel like that more often!

Q: How does it work?

A: One click for a better tomorrow gives you an indication of how easy this app will be. The technical details on exactly how it will work will come out during phase two development. At the moment, I need to raise the funds to develop the app. Ultimately, I want to remove some of the technical and administrative barriers to charitable donation and as a digital only platform we will reduce the traditional costs around running a business – putting more money in the hands that need it.

Q: Will I get spam?

A: NO! When you sign up to The LifeLine App, it is essentially a good news feed subscription. We will use your donations to help change lives and we’ll tell you about the difference your help is making – all within the app. It will be a regular source of good feeling.

Q: What if I want to make a bigger donation?

A: This will be answered in the formation of the foundation when the trustees will decide whether we want this feature.

Q: How can I help?

A: At the moment the start up funds are being raised through at I am not asking for money for nothing – I’ll be working hard, in the ever so alien world of long distance running to earn your donation starting with The Great West Run, a half marathon on 14th October


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Top person - thanks

With overwhelming gratitude

£1 or more

You Legend

You will receive, my pain. Whilst a half marathon might be ‘easy’ for some, I promise…I have, so far, run a total of 6.8 miles in 2018 – it’s a long way from here to 13.1 miles in one go. We’ll also add you to the email list for weekly updates (or not, if you'd prefer). You’ll also receive everything from below.

£5 or more

Hero Level

The same reward as a £1 donation. I'll be running my socks off to say thanks

£50 or more

The WOW reward

I can't tell you how much this means to me... please take all of the gratitude and love offered to the above and below reward levels

£100 or more

Generous much?

Your generosity knows no bounds, and neither does my gratitude.

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