The Letter From Santa

The Letter From Santa

Please help me publish The Letter From Santa. It's a children's book, with a message about looking after our environment. 

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A bit of background 

Last year I had a devastating accident where I broke both of my legs. There is always a silver lining though, and with the extra time I had on my hands, I wrote a children's Christmas story  

Please help me publish The Letter From Santa. It's a new story for Christmas, with a message about looking after our environment. 

A bit about the story

Santa is in his workshop, about to prepare for Christmas when a big drip plops on the floor. Santa is horrified that he has a leak, and a bit confused since at the North Pole - it ought to be frozen. So he calls his head of Elf and Safety to investigate. 

Up top, they find that the North Pole has melted, and to make matters worse the Elves can't get the materials they need to make presents in time for Christmas. 

When he finds out that the problem goes right around the world, Santa realises that he needs help, so he writes a letter to all the children on his Christmas list, asking them to take an old broken toy to their local recycling centre, where his Elves can pick them up for recycling. 

Will it help, will it be enough, and will it be in time for Christmas? It's a bit like crowdfunding my project really! 

The story has been beautifully illustrated by Jo Hatty, and having piloted it on some very active children  aged 5-8 I was surprised how well it held their attention, so I know it has potential. 

With all the flooding and problems we're experiencing, The Letter From Santa helps children to understand how our actions affect our environment and offers some ideas about what we can do to help  

What I will do with the money

This will allow me to get the book into print and more importantly, get the message out, and get people thinking and behaving in a more sustainable way at Christmas