Create 8 Display Boards for the Carbon Logic Story

We would like to raise money to update the display boards telling the whole Carbon Logic Story. The Carbon Logic story has been FANTASTIC

We did it!

On 24th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £228 with 3 supporters in 28 days

*WE HAVE RECEIVED OFFERS AND DONATIONS DIRECT TO CLIMATE VISION THAT ACHIEVE OUR TARGET If you would like to still contribute please do (towards accompanying leaflets see below)* Details of donors will shortly follow when all confirmed -Thank you

We would like to raise money to finally update the display boards telling the whole Carbon Logic Story.

The Carbon Logic story has been FANTASTIC and will be a valuable legacy to maintain and welcome newcomers to the Top 10 Pledges, it will hopefuly augur 10 more new ones and enable society to become more connected and resilient to climate change, mitigate it, become healthier through the pledges, save money and support the local economy. 

Those who have benefitted from the pledges will also be asked to help with this exact amount of money to enable 8 boards to be created telling the story from Footsteps 2009, to restarting from April this year, the Crowd, the data analysis, the Carbon Logic Report that found with 4 months work we easily cut 3029 tonnes of carbon, the Carbon Ambassadors doing the 10 Pledges, the Cyclists cycling from Truro to Copenhagen and the amazing media coverage we have enjoyed. Please do pledge as you visit today, thank you kindly for your help.

This is a warm story, well worth sharing. The 8 panels can do that. They will be in the Cathedral, in places where we talk about our work and might have short holidays in other areas interested in doing what we have done. In the picture you can see a table top display with 4 panels, we propose to have 8 new lasting ones made, so the stand can be double sided as the story unfolds. Hopefully you will be able to visit it after Christmas and enjoy showing your family and friends your part in this invigrating and rewarding journey. 

Note: If we have any over funding we would like to put it towards a thin lamination of A5 sheets with the 10 Pledges on to distribute, enabling people to put them on the kitchen or office wall to help remind them.

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