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by Paul Evans in Branston, England, United Kingdom


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Everyone should have access to Learning and Development...

by Paul Evans in Branston, England, United Kingdom

Watching my son play is always a treat to me. Seeing how his imagination thrives through play always amazes me. But one thing stood out to me is his verbalisation of play. It starts with "Daddy, I have an idea!" Hence my companies name 'Afie'sIdeas Ltd'

This got thinking, my son has lots of ideas on how to play as he has his toys there to allow himself to create wonderful worlds of imagination. But having worked within Learning and Development you tend find there are more frustrating restrictions to allow you to explore your imagination and create a truly engaging learning programme. This maybe financial, skills, engagement and much more. 

So how do we overcome this? 

Well again I come back to my son playing. When he is with his friends their imagination is combined and the play becomes even more wonderful and fun. So why not bring that thought to the Learning and Development community. 

I want to bring L&D professionals together but additionally the wonderful companies that other a range of business solutions that can compliment a companies Learning Programme. Having spent over 15 years in L&D I know the frustrations at trying to find the right solution and I knew that talking someone in the same profession always helped. 

Our website will bring a community of L&D professions to one location where they share, learn and expand their network. But the site offers so much more. We will advertise different companies on the site that can support different areas of L&D such as e-learning, health and wellbeing, psychometric learning, leadership, L&D products and so much more. 


The companies who advertise on the site will pay a subscription fee depending on how much they want to offer. This will be our cashflow. I will be looking to use my expansive L&D network to create leads and generate this income. In the first year have targeted a turnover of £145k. In the first year we are targeting 200 companies to sign up.


This will take a lot of the requested funding budget. To make this a success we need to have exposure to allow us to build the network of people and companies. Social media will play a huge part of this exposure but so will attending L&D expos throughout the UK and Europe. We would need to purchase software to allow us to create high end marketing material. 

We would also attend local and national networking events to drive our message and services.

The L&D professional network within the UK alone is estimated at 10k as reviewed by the CIPD report 2019. 

We would also reach out to SME to demonstrate the services available to them to develop their people no matter the budget or size of your company. 


Learning and Development is about allowing people to thrive and do things they never knew they could. But as we know this is also a privilege to have which not everyone gets. Our company will recognise this and donate a portion of the subscription fees to charities that support children & young adults from a  disadvantaged background to gain learning, training and or employment opportunities.

Our site will also have to opportunity to donate additionally monies with links to the pages of the nominated charities. 

Provisional Charities:


Supporting freelancers:

As I am a self start I know how hard it is to get your business off the ground. This is where The Learning Hub will support Freelance L&D professionals. We do this by offering discounted rates and more support with their advertisements. 

Future Plans:

Ideally, in the next three years we would like to take this service internationally. Additionally, we also like to start to offer different services. The key one is a programme where we interview companies, professionals to share experiences. We would use socials media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc) to show of the highlights but drawing traffic to the site.

Fundamentally, we want to create a learning revolution within business and giving people the opportunity to thrive


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