The learning disability nursery

The learning disability nursery

To open a specialist special needs early years nursery provision that will support children and empower their parents and carers.

We did it!

On 1st Mar 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

As a special needs teacher with over 15 years experience working with and supporting children and young people with a range of special educational needs and mental health issues. I have spent hours listening to parents and carers who have fought and struggled all of their lives just to secure the basic rights of education for their children. So often parents recieve a diagnosis of a disability for their child and then are not given the appropriate information, support or access to services that will enable them to meaningful provide stable home environments, meaningful education and meaningful access to life.

Too often parents do the best they can with limited resources and with limited or no support. This, then sadly results in family breakdown, disengagement of young people from education, parents who feel let down by the system, children that feel disconnected from society and on and on this vicious cycle continues.

In my years as the developer and Head of a specialist special needs provision- I spent many hours listening to stories of despair, lost hope and futility. All parents want is someone to hold their hand and help..........

I have found that often when children with special needs reach post 16 education often it is too late- they have lost confidence, devloped mental health, have little or no self-esteem and have given up on HOPE.. The project thus will aim to provide early intervention support to children and thier parents....I have always believed and observed that the earlier a person is empowered the better their future outcomes. Everyone has the RIGHT to a meaningful and purposeful life, everyone has the right to be happy, everyone has the right to education, everyone has the right to love and family, everyone has the right to have a life.

The Special needs nursery will:

  • Provide specific SEN teaching and learning to children with a range of disabilities
  • Parents and children will have access to specialist professionals if required
  • Children will receive intensive transition support in to primary school
  • Schools will be provided with strategies and training in how best to support transitioning children
  • Teachers can be trained to better understand the SEN needs of the child
  • Parents and carers will receive bespoke/tailored packages of support specific to their child's needs
  • Parents will receive support at home
  • Parents will have access to a support group

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