Lamproom Theatre - Celebrating Our Mining Heritage

Celebrating Barnsley's mining roots by incorporating Miners' Lamps as 'house lights' in your theatre - help us to light up The Lamproom!

We did it!

On 10th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £4,150 with 29 supporters in 42 days

Our Mining Heritage

Barnsley’s Lamproom Theatre is raising funds to improve the theatre and celebrate the coal mining heritage of our town by incorporating miners lamps into the auditorium as ‘house lights.’ The miners lamps have been donated by local people and each lamp has a story to tell – stories of families in which each generation was connected with the mine, through good times and bad. There will be one lamp from each post-war coal mine in the Barnsley Coalfield, some donated in memory of the miner who carried them, some from local MP’s and some from local celebrities.



The Lamproom Theatre – Our past, our present and our future

The Lamproom Theatre opened its 187 seat auditorium for performances in April 1999, following a great deal of endeavour by a committed group of volunteers.

The core activity of Barnsley Theatre Trust (1998) Limited (the Charitable Trust that owns and manages The Lamproom Theatre) is ‘To promote and advance theatrical arts within and for the entire community of Barnsley and the surrounding areas.’

The specific aim of The Lamproom Theatre is ‘To develop and maintain a community theatre through the promotion and development of an equitable spectrum of artistic activities to benefit and improve the quality of life of local people and visitors.’

The building, constructed as a non-conformist chapel in 1780, is one of very few Grade II listed buildings in Barnsley. In the 1950’s it was sold to the Boys’ Club Association and was used by them until its closure in 1995.

An architecturally outstanding building, it is positioned prominently on a hill above Barnsley and is an integral part of the ‘cultural quarter’ of the town.

Structurally sound, The Lamproom is an imposing Georgian building with the typical non-conformist chapel design of large arched airy windows.

Specifically at the present time, the miners lamps project is one which has been long-anticipated, but has had to wait until the theatre has a strong patron base before substantial funds could be raised for what is a major project, scheduled to take place in August 2018, in time for the Autumn 2018 season.


How do we do it?......

The Friends of The Lamproom Theatre are a group of enthusiastic volunteers who provide many hours of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ power each year, but who also raise much-needed funds to improve and enhance the theatre and thus provide the people of Barnsley with an intimate, theatre that is for the community and of the community.

The project is being managed by a dedicated group of Trustees, staff and volunteers, all working together in order that their experience and talents can be utilised to ensure that the miners lamps can be displayed and enjoyed by everyone visiting The Lamproom Theatre, at the same time recognising the strong traditions of Barnsley and surrounding areas.


How you can help us to do it……..

If you would like to help with this innovative and exciting project, you can, of course, donate individually, but why not get a group of people together and pledge as a community? As well as pledging funds, we can help to raise the profile of our theatre as a community and enable The Lamproom to move from strength to strength in the future. We have a range of rewards available so why not get a group together and decide how you wish to help?


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