The Junior Section’s “March 10 Grand Challenge”

by The Junior Section’s “March 10 Grand Challenge” in Hartlepool, England, United Kingdom

The Junior Section’s “March 10 Grand Challenge”


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To raise funds to enable the Junior Section’s new second ground at High Tunstall College of Science to be equipped with cricket equipment.

by The Junior Section’s “March 10 Grand Challenge” in Hartlepool, England, United Kingdom

The Junior Section at Hartlepool Cricket Club :

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Committee Members, Coaches and support staff, the Junior Section at Hartlepool Cricket Club is thriving! We have over 120 children playing cricket. 

The Junior Section aims to introduce children to cricket, to help children develop their skills and to support them to progress from Junior cricket to Senior cricket. The Junior Section wants its Junior players to have fun and to learn the social and health benefits of being members of a sports club. 

Our cricket provision starts at Reception through to Under 17 level. We now have girls teams at Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17 levels. 2021 sees a major push to promote girls cricket at Park Drive. Also, with an increase in the number of children at Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15 levels, from 2021 teams will now be fielded in both the North Yorkshire Area Cricket Council League and the Durham Cricket Board Junior League. We also run the ECB’s All Stars Cricket and Dynamos Cricket national programmes.

Working in partnership with High Tunstall College of Science, the Governors have kindly granted the Junior Section permission to use its cricket ground to play matches and train. It has a newly laid artificial wicket of the highest standard. The School’s Governing Body has also allowed the cricket ground to be named the Michael Gough Junior Cricket Ground, ie. after our very own Michael Gough, the World’s best Umpire! The “MGCG” is being sponsored by Lorimers of Bishop Auckland, who supply the Cricket Club’s cricket clothing. The use of the “MGCG” will provide additional opportunities for our Junior teams to play and train, especially when Park Drive is unavailable. It’s important that the Junior Section has the facilities to meet the demand for cricket. 

The Aim :

The aim is simple : to raise funds to enable the Junior Section’s second ground at “High Tunstall” to be equipped with cricket equipment. A number of our Juniors attend “High Tunstall”. A number of our Senior players are former pupils. This project will add to the existing facilities at “High Tunstall”, which will benefit our Junior players and its pupils. Mr. Holden, (Sport Science Faculty Leader at “High Tunstall”), does fantastic work promoting cricket as part of the School’s PE programme. The post of Liaison Representative from High Tunstall College of Science has been add to the Junior Section to reflect the close working relationship that exists between the Junior Section and “High Tunstall”. 

The aim is to raise £10,000.00 across March, 2021. Whilst this seems an ambitious target, the more people that are able to contribute, the greater the chance of our goal being realised!

How Can You Help? :

You can support the “March 10 Grand Challenge” by simply donating a sum of money to the Junior Section.

Alternatively, instead of simply making a donation, why not be sponsored to do a specific task, or challenge, with the funds raised being donated to the Junior Section? Given the current Covid-19 issues, it’s important to ensure whatever you decide to do can be lawfully performed and is safe. You could do a sponsored walk, aiming to complete 10,000 steps. You could do a sponsored row, if you have a rowing machine, or you could do a sponsored bike ride! What about being sponsored to see how many catches, or bat taps you can do in an hour? Perhaps the Coaches of the Junior sides could set their respective Junior players a particular challenge?

The Importance of the “March 10 Grand Challenge” :

The Junior Section’s popularity is growing. More and more children are wanting to play cricket at Hartlepool Cricket Club, which is great news! We need additional space in which to deliver our training sessions and to play certain matches. With “High Tunstall” being on the doorstep of Park Drive, it’s an excellent choice for our second ground.

The Junior Section aims to be all inclusive. It wants to promote cricket. It wants to provide the best possible cricket facilities for our Junior players. It doesn’t want to place limits on the number of children who can play cricket. Once the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, then subject to the ECB’s guidance on recreational cricket, the Junior Section wants to deliver outdoor cricket in a safe environment, with the Junior Section welcoming as many children as possible, helping them to exercise and to play sport with their friends. This is especially important following the last 12 months. The “MGCG” gives the Junior Section the opportunity to do this. This fundraising initiative will enable the second ground to be appropriately equipped.

The Junior Section is the future of Hartlepool Cricket Club. We are trying to produce Senior cricketers of the future that will hopefully go on to represent Hartlepool Cricket Club at Senior level and perhaps beyond at higher levels.

Use of the Donated Monies :

If the Junior Section is able to raise its target of £10,000.00 across March, 2021, (or hopefully more, should that be possible!), then the Junior Section would like to purchase the following items of equipment for use at the “MGCG”, :-

1. Two sight screens – about £1,400.00 each;
2. An electronic scoreboard – about £2,000.00;
3. An equipment storage unit – about £2,000.00;
4. A mobile batting cage – about £1,400.00; and
5. The remaining amount would be used to purchase some seating for use by the Junior players.

Lorimers have kindly agreed to donate some coaching equipment for use at the “MGCG”. The Junior Section is extremely grateful for the support of the Cricket Club’s sportswear supplier.

Let’s Smash the March 10 Grand Challenge! :

The last 12, or so months have been extremely difficult for everyone. It’s hoped you’ll be able to support this fundraising initiative to help the Junior Section purchase cricket equipment for use at the “MGCG”. All donations, however small, are gratefully received. It would be fantastic if you could please help support the extension of cricket delivery by the Junior Section. Working together, we can hopefully achieve our aim and smash the 10 Grand Challenge by raising the £10,000.00 target.

This is a fundraising initiative for our Junior players. Let’s give them the extra facilities that they deserve! It would be fantastic if the “MGCG” could be equipped for just after the return of outdoor sport, which is presently scheduled for the 29th March, 2021. This would be the perfect start to what will hopefully be a full season of cricket!

Please share this information about the Junior Section’s “March 10 Grand Challenge” on which ever social media platform you use, or by forwarding a copy to others by e-mail!

If you have any questions, or queries about this fundraising initiative, (including the delivery of cricket at “High Tunstall” by the Junior Section), then please contact David JB Thompson, (Junior Chair) : [email protected]

Finally, many thanks for your support of Junior cricket at Hartlepool Cricket Club!

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