The Jack k Johnstone foundation

The Jack k Johnstone foundation

To raise £350 for the Jack k Johnstone through doing a skydive with the black knights parachuting club on the 10th July .

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is Louise Chambers and I'm  feeling brave enough to jump out of a plane to raise money for Kiera Lowe melling through the Jack k Johnstone foundation. 

Let me tell you more about Kiera. 

Kiera is 4 years old. When she was born, she suffered a lack of oxygen due to hospital negligence. As a result she has cerebral palsy which involves epilepsy, she has severe developmental delay, is visually impaired and tube fed. Kiera cannot sit, stand, walk or talk. 

With all that said, Kiera amazes all that meet her with her huge, fabulous smile, framed by her beautiful blonde curly locks. 

She is cheeky, happy and has a beautiful bond with her sister Paige who adores her and is very much loved by her family and all that meet her. 

Kiera loves Morris dancing and does it in her stander frame and has won lots of trophies and medals. 

Next year Kiera will need an operation on both hips as they are starting to dislocated. Scott and Steph, her parents, have had an extension built for Kiera with a bedroom/wetroom and are currently decorating it and need to furnish it. Kiera will need on going specialist equipment as she grows that isn't funded for her. 

I know everyone is asked all the time to fundraise and there are lots of amazing and deserving causes but it would mean the world to me if anyone could spare even a couple of £s towards making Kieras future being as comfortable as possible 


I will be taking this challenge on Monday 10th July . Please help me raise my funds which will go towards the cost of the skydive and to raise funds for Keira. X