The Inside Job Project

by Louise-Borthwick in Exeter

We did it
On 16th November 2015 we successfully raised £375 with 12 supporters in 42 days

Help us to launch a new life-changing Social Enterprise offering well-being support across working and social sectors.

by Louise-Borthwick in Exeter


Please help us to help people that want to help themselves

I am a social entrenprenuer and a fulltime student studying for a degree in Psychology with Sociology, my work is experienced based and the knowledge I seek is the comparible to my findings so far. I would like to make a difference to the world we live in. As the founder and developer of Inside Job Services, I have personal experience and knowledge and a strong interest in the potential personal development that can take place and the healthy impact this work can have, in both personal and professional lives and in our communities.  

I have personally invested my time, my own extensive personal development and years of observations and the develop of theories in sociological and psychological issues that cause us to live unhealthy, dysfuntional lives and the patterns and cycles that play out. I have looked at what is at the core of these issues and developed a way to begin to clear them from a grounded streetwise place. I gained much experience and knowledge having developed businesses from scratch and created employment and training opportunities for others in the past

After years of allowing self-created circumstances to dictate my life, I wanted to work out what it was that kept me there and what I could do to get off the wheel, stop the blame game and the facade and to stay out of the negative cycle. There is no set answer, as we know there are too many variables to conclusively say, life happens and sometimes we are not able to stop outside situations happenng. What we can do is deal with those situations differently, there are things we can do to improve the quality of our lives, the relationships within our lives, how we communicate and to live in a more empowered, fulfilled and positive way that is more authentic to us as individuals.

It has to be an Inside Job

During this time, about all my adult life, I made many realisations and developed my theory to not only develop me as a human being but also so that it can help others. The type of support that people can relate to was not available when I could've done with it and although some support is available now, it is not easily accessable to all, it seems to be kept a secret, people don't understand it and don't know how to access it. Some people find it hard to begin to be self-reflective, so they don't start their personal development journey, they avoid it and their circumstances and mental health deteriorate. I don't understand why, with many diverse and clever people out there, therapies and holistic approaches are not utilised and made more accessible to all who want to develop and change their lives.  

So we are saying it is there, and we will give you the basics, help you to become more self-aware and help you to access the inner life-tools that already exist inside everyone, the strength and resilience we all have can be used positively to change the patterns in our lives. We can educate people so that they can access other areas of expertise for their own individual personal development and to support their working, family, personal and social lives.

We have strong social aims that will have a massive impact in the community, build healthier families, reduce patterns of behaviour and repeat cycles, enhance communication and develop a new way for people to take responsibility for their own well-being.

The new approach to well-being support

We empower people and enable them to get to the core issues, the root of the problem, to identify and acknowledge the stuff that really holds them back.

This is a new streetwise approach, offering real life-changing well-being support, it is our aim to build strong, self-sustainable support groups across working and social sectors.

Opening doors of opportunity and expansion, to raise personal awareness, promote self-responsibility and enable clients to reach their full potential and access further support in different fields of expertise.

We reduce limitations and increase confidence, self-worth and self-belief, the core underpinning issues that cause the cycles at the heart of limiting success.

Helping clients to identify, acknowledge and address core issuses is key to moving forward, if clients don't know the problem, how can it be solved? Many clients recognise there may be an issue, but can't put their finger on what. It doesn't have to be a huge dramatic issue, it can be as simple as feeling tired everytime they are with people and they don't understand why and this causes them to react in a way they would rather not.

With our Master Workshops we can help clients identify the 'what' and work out a strategic plan to know how to change, acheive success and thrive.

Master workshops

The Master Workshops workbooks are all based around the Empowerment programme, to assist people to use their life-tools in every area of their lives. Our well-being when we are at work affects us and how we interact with people. All of the cornerstones of the Empowerment programme can enhance how we look after our own well-being at work. 

We provide Master workshops in these 3 sectors. Our Master workshops are facilitated with 4 hours of structure, working through well-being workbooks and Master brainstorming sessions.

Please click the title to take a look at more information on the website

Lone Workers


We support Lone workers to enhance their well-being, to build strong alliances, to develop personal awarenes, to be more empowered and confident, to have solid boundaries, to develop communication skills to ensure positive outcomes and how to utilise their life tools to assist them in their working roles. to give Lone workers the opportunity to off-load and share experiences. 

This Master workshop is independant and requires the individual to take the initiative and invest in their own Well-being at work.




We offer an employee well-being service to companies with the objective, prevention is better than cure. Supporting employees to have better communication skills, boundaries, confidence and a balanced health and well-being attitude. To enhance working relationships across all staffing levels, to reduce sickness, to reduce conflict, to motivate and be more goal orientated, so that we have happy and valued employees that want to be at work. 

This Master workshop is offered to companies with a workforce that they want to thrive and be an asset to their business. Businesses can support up to 15 employees at a time on a monthly support programme.



Survivors in recovery

We offer charities and organisations the chance to refer clients to the Hat's OFF programme as an after-care service to those who are rebuilding their lives after life-events. We support survivors and ex-service users to reconnect with who they really are after traumatic events. We aim to remove the stigmas that keep people stuck in their story and in the cycle. Our message is HATS OFF don't be defined by the imaginary hat that tells the story, develop a new way. We provide the life-skills that can help people to move on, do things differently and change the emphasis between being lead by circumstances and deciding their circumstances.

This Master workshop is offered to Charities and Organisations with clients that they want to refer on for further support and that want to make changes in their lives.



Our Pathway

We have a pathway of support that enables individuals to access other fields of expertise. We understand and realise that therapists and counsellors understand the work they do and we think it is very important to educate clients so that they can understand the work they do too. What is available and how it works, so that they can make informed decisions about the ongoing support and personal development they want to recieve. We want to make alternative options available to all through informed choice. 

We work closely with other professionals and invite them to showcase their life-changing work to our clients. We won't usse services if we don't know about them, we want to raise awareness that the help is there, it won't come to you, you have to actively go out and find out about what's available.

The One2One Empowerment programme

I have researched, written and produced all of the original material for the Empowerment programme which is the foundation of the One2One programme and Master workshops. The Empowerment programme identifies Goals and obstacles and the 4 main corner stones are Boundaries, Emotions, Limiting beliefs and Personal power and we work from the original identified individual Goals and obstacles, established in the initial assessment. The programme has a practitioner coaching approach which means that ultimately the client determines their own progress, realisations and decisions from open, non judgemental and non-assuming questioning 

As a person with my own, very long life story which I refuse to be defined by. I have first hand experience of the diconnection individuals feel when trauma hits, when loss happens, when life feels like it has got out of control and we feel alone. But I have made it my life's purpose to overcome the stigma, the judgements and be free of the story. To change my life.

The belief behind The Inside Job is that we are all human, we all make mistakes, we can at any time choose our path and in doing that we can change the emphasis from being a product of our circumstances to being a product of our decisions.

Our mission - is to work together to provide a pathway of support to help people to reach obtainable goals because we believe, together we can succeed and thrive.

We need your help

Please help us to raise awareness and the profile of our project by raising £10,000 to kick start the launch. We want to pilot the Inside Job with 10 sets of 6  FREE workshops spread across Organisations, Charities and Companies over 6 months. 

To do this we need to employ another Development facilitator to deliver the workshops and help to expand into the 3 sectors.

We need to invest in marketing and advertising, creating a branding for our service to make our message stand out to raise awareness of the great work we do.

We want to get an external evaluation of the Programme and Workshops to enable us to do more research and gather more evidence across a wider range of clients, and to measure the outcomes of the positive long lasting impact the Inside Job project will have on all concerned which will lead to us getting the programme accredited.

We want to attend the health and well-being at work trade show in Birmingham next year on March 8th and 9th 2016 to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your well-being and to promote self-responsibility for lone workers.

We would like a new computer and software to manage our online marketing and to help us to produce better quality material. 

Please help to fund our 'lets make change' launch party awareness event on Thursday 3rd December 2015. Where inspirational and fresh thinkers will share new and exciting ways to make change happen, sensational acrobatics, Live music and fabulous food. 

The pupose of our launch party awareness event is to raise awareness of some of the brilliant alternative services out there and how to access them. We want to help tallented and inspirational people to show case themselves to display what we can achieve with determination and focus. We want to invite leaders to come along and raise their awareness about Health and Well-being. 

We are running a raffle with great prizes - the proceeds will provide FREE empowerment programmes for survivors of life trauma, Hat's OFF programme


The venue

Exeter Castle

Amazing food by 

Dorset fine dining


One of the best bands in Devon

Carnaby Street

What we have done so far

I have personally invested the last 5 years of my sweat, love and tears to develop the Inside Job Service, I have financially invested in the start up. I believe it will reduce stress and anxiety, sickness at work, build a more reliable workforce, stop cycles repeating, raise awareness of alternative therapy and make it accessable and provide independant well-being support for all those that WANT to make their lives better.

I have worked hard to develop the website and ensure we have solid professionals for business advice and support, we have an office and have built strong alliances and collaborations with other professionals that believe in our mission and social aims

We have launched the Lone worker workshops and use the training rooms at Flybe training accademy.

We have been awarded an innovation voucher grant from Innovate UK for legal costs and to protect the Interlectual Property of my original material.

There are 16 workbooks for the workshops at present and I am developing further useful titles in the future.

We have created employment and training opportunity, with ongoing potential for sustainable growth.

I have carried out research and piloted the One2One Empowerment programme at the charity DVAAS and with individuals for a year and gathered evidence of positive results with a questionairre and clients have given testimonials. I am also gathering evidence from the same clients 2 years on, to evaluate the permenant changes taking place and the positive impact on their lives. 

I am working with individuals on a One2One basis.


An Example of some of the data I have gathered. This chart shows the progress of 10 clients, the amount of weeks it took for clients to feel a change and a shift taking place when they were on the 6 week Empowerment Programme



Testimonial examples

  • 'Before the process I had not even registered my limiting beliefs, nor was I able to process emotion in a healthy way. I now know that I am more than average and have a lot to offer both personally and professionally.'


  • 'I no longer feel the need to binge eat as an emotional response as I am recognising an emotion and processing this at the time. I am empowered and feeling very positive about my contribution to my friends, family and life in general'


  • 'My confidence has improved, the dynamics of relationships around me have improved, the knock on affect has been amazing, my relationships with family has improved, my self-worth and general outlook on life has improved, thank you so very much'


  • 'life-changing'


  • 'The way the sessions developed helped me to gradually gain more confidence in myself as a person and to learn that after many years (25) that what I think and feel is as important as anyone else in the world'

We have a fabulous website take a look


The opportunities


A network of self-sustainable workshops

A community of support groups 

Mentoring aftercare service

Job and volunteering opportunity

Training opportunity

One2One Programme

Motivational speaking seminars

Introduction and support pathway to therapy



Lets help people to access their natural inner tools, expect people to succeed not fail and use their strength and resilience positively to create change.




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WOW great!! If you would like to invest in our company Inside Job Services Ltd please contact me to discuss this possibility.

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