The Impact of Technology on Living Environments

The Impact of Technology on Living Environments

Technology has had a huge impact on the world. It controls much of our day.

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Technology has had a huge impact on the world. It controls much of our day – we spend more time on social media and watching television than we do spending time outdoors with friends and family. So, what has the impact of technology been in our living environments? How have our homes changed as a result of the technological revolution?

But technology isn’t just about the latest gadget. Our innovation has started long before we even dreamt of smartphones. Let’s look at the historical innovations that have changed our living environments and perhaps made our homes most comfortable.

Technology gave us better insulation

Window glass has not been a common feature in homes until the nineteenth century. It used to be so fragile and expensive that people used to remove the panes when house owners weren’t home just to keep it safe. More interestingly, when you sold your home, the glass windows were part of the furnishing and most people took it with them! Luckily, the technology developed and glass became much more commonplace and the prices went down.

Technology removed dangerous fires away from the homes

Living conditions used to be rather disastrous and danger lurked inside the house. First, you didn’t have central heating and so the only source of heat was a fireplace. But maintaining a steady heat from the fire was rather difficult – it required constant attention and refilling of the wood. Because of this, families tended to spend time only in one room. This, of course, doesn’t sound quite as bad considering how little we like to hang out with people these days. Much of this is essentially due to central heating. As soon as this technology became popular, people started to spend more time in their own rooms.

The other hazardous thing also relates to fire. We also didn’t have electric stoves or gas ovens to cook food so people did it on an open fire. This was rather difficult since you could often only heat one pot at a time – no wonder the menu often consisted things like soups and stews. Technology has definitely changed our cooking – we now make super complicated meals using gadgets that make it all a little easier. You just have to look at manufacturers like Kitchen Aid and you can notice how many different gadgets you could use to cook meals – you have blenders of all kind, spiralizers, slow cookers, cutting equipment and so on.

Technology allowed us to have social gatherings

Before we had technology, such as heating and lights, we just to spend most of our time at home sitting in the one room with a fireplace. Darkness was a real problem to people in two ways. First, it made working after the sun had set hard. Keeping a constant fire was difficult and labour-intensive and candles were often more of a danger than a help. Therefore, people couldn’t often work long days and when they did, they had to get used to doing it all in quite a dark context.

But darkness also influenced our social life. You didn’t feel like going out with friends when everything was dark. As soon as technology developed lights, we turned into social animals. We started going to restaurants, pubs, we had parties at home and so on. Nowadays, we are still rather social but we tend to communicate with people in the virtual world. However, technology has again changed our social gatherings and not just by taking it online. We also communicate more with people outside of our physical location – people have friends from all over the world. This is quite a change in being able to just talk to your neighbourhood. We can now even get help for our business ventures from strangers instead of relying on our closest bank.

Technology turned us away from minimalism

One of the biggest trends of the modern era is to learn to be more minimalist. But we actually used to be like that because of the lack of technology. Furniture was super expensive because everything was handmade. Therefore, homes didn’t have anything beyond necessities such as a few chairs and a table to eat. Once technology developed and made furniture making into an industrial feat, we started stuffing our homes with cheaper items.

Nowadays, the modern equivalent of furniture is smart technology. But even smart home technologies as becoming more commonplace and you can find affordable options to add more technology to your home. If you are interested in including more gadgets like smart TVs and personal assistants to your home, check  OZCodes for discount codes to make cheaper purchases.

The above is just a glimpse at the ways technology has changed us. It’ll be interesting to see how the change showcases itself in the future.