The Ice Lady

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The Ice Lady

Ice Lady -This film will explore art’s most “temporary” work in its prime moments. Pushing boundaries, materials and tools to their limits!

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The Ice Lady

This film aims to explore art’s most “temporary” work in its prime moments.

Some art is not meant to last; rather, it’s meant to melt, disintegrate and disappear We find this fascinating! Perhaps it’s their self-destruction mechanism and their brief life-span that makes them so precious, or maybe it’s the curious material  ice. This work comes with an expiration date, leaving behind puddles. 

The environment will allow our sculptor to explore her craft and push her boundaries, materials and tools to their limits. Our very own Ice Lady will sculpt for 6 hours to create a beautifully detailed & crafted Japanese tree, working against the clock as it slowly disappears before us. Our aim is to capture this process in all its glory and fine detail.

Any kind contributions will help to fund our equipment, location and materials. We have a really great crew onboard for this short film project; an award winning composer, talented cameraman and one of the only female ice sculptors in the UK to mention a few.

Placing an emphasis on superior production values, strong aesthetics and engaging visual storytelling, I would love you to help us bring this idea & Art to life! 

We are all really excited about this project and hope that you are too!



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