The IBDarren project

The IBDarren project

Lets clean the streets of valuable, loved, normal people who have been lowered to the value of dog poo, litter and dirt.

We did it!

On 11th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 2 supporters in 28 days

 For those who don't know. I place my entire brand of photography and music and art under IBDesmond. Desmond obviously being my nickname but to those who don't know, IB stands for Inspired By. I started a blog some years ago and wanted to inspire people to be creative. So I made a blog which was a collection of thing I liked and found inspiring. I wanted to people to visit my blog and come to be be InspiredByDesmond so I I created a blog called InspiredByDesmond. 

Recently I moved to London and found myself with a massive heart for the homeless. I found myself learning the names of the homeless and building a friendship and giving them leftover food from work. I ended up making good friends with a guy called Darren who sits in the same spot every morning asking for money. He's one of the most pleasant a guys I've ever met. I've been on a journey with Darren. I bumped into him for the first time in a while the other day and he was telling me how he had a flat now but nothing in it. I really wanna help Darren get some stuff in his house and help support him getting himself on his feet. But I can't do it on my own. This will be a much quicker process if I had someone backing me.

And when we've helped Darren support himself, maybe we'll help John and Mickey down at Leicester Square. Maybe we'll help Vlad at Holborn. And we'll just keep going. But initially this project is inspired by my good friend Darren. Which is why i call this The IBDarren project.

I've literally woke up this morning and this all just came to me. I've not properly thought this through but we can journey this together. So what I'm gonna do is:

• I'm gonna set up a new Instagram page where I document everything I've done: how much money i receive and what I do with it, etc.

• post a link on here to my snapchat for those who are interested in the IBDesmond brand. You'll get insight into my every day life but you'll also see all the things I do with the money, as I do it. You can message me on there and encourage me and also let me know if I miss anything and what else I could do with the money. You can also send me messages to pass on to Darren or John or Mickey or Vlad or anyone else we are helping at the time.

• I'm setting the threshold of this project quite low so that I get the money quicker and can make a start on cleaning up the streets of human beings. It's unfair that there's people out there that are being lowered to the value of the shit you throw on the floor, the dirt on your shoes, your spit, your dog wee and poo. These people are no more less valuable than you and me. Let's remind them and physically show them by helping them and getting them to a place where they are self sustaining person of value and love and redemption.

* I might set up a new Twitter but for now, my personal snapchat is the place to follow me


Links will be posted to instagrams and snapchats once the first £100 is raised. 

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