The Hunter - A lone Paranormal investigator

by Chris Gutsell in Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

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I am creating a new Paranormal Series that investigates 3 subjects, Ghosts, Aliens and Mythical Monsters.....oh and I do it Alone!

by Chris Gutsell in Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

A new paranormal series following a lone investigator(*), this series consists of 3 topics, Ghosts, Aliens and Mythical Monster/Creatures. What makes this series stand out is I will be visiting the most haunted and active locations on my own, carrying out investigations over night, visiting UFO hot spots or locations and searching for mythical creatures. The risk factor of being alone is what will bring the entertainment as well as the investigation itself. 

Ghost Hunting - Famous buildings, locations and also residential dwellings that are reporting active haunting's such as Poltergeist activity. I will investigate, record evidence (visually and audibly) and advise on the findings of the investigation. I already have much of the equipment but require other specialised items. Also, I wear a camera on my back, helping to eliminate missing any activity that may occur behind me. Using trigger objects and other items that will encourage paranormal activity and specialised equipment to capture still or live images. (thermal imaging and full spectrum cameras) etc.

Ufo Hunting - Visiting some of the most active hot spots alone(*) that have been shown on some of the biggest media platforms, carrying out nightly investigations using night vision cameras, thermal imaging and IR cameras, also using a mounted green beam for interactive reasons. Other equipment would be tablets with live radar software and meteor trackers to help eliminate natural phenomena and a high powered telescope mounted that can move and track highlighted objects. Also investigating sites of so called areas of interest and finding out if an object seen on google maps is either natural or indeed real.

Mythical Creatures - We all want to know if some of the most famous mythical creatures recorded throughout history or caught on camera are real also unexplained shadows and noises. I will investigate these phenomenon using all of the above equipment and  more over night, bringing some of the best evidence I can record.

(*) Mostly I will investigate on my own but where a building or location is too big or complicated, I will bring another investigator along with me, on some special episodes invite a special guest.

Other equipment required - full spectral cameras, thermal imaging video camera and a drone with camera (thermal and IR for Ariel footage) Also upto 10 other cameras with night vision and tripods, to leave in various locations whilst doing the investigations.

I have contacted a company and asked if they would be willing to supply a 4x4 vehicle in return for main sponsorship adverts on YouTube and Instagram.

Other interactions with the followers is using all of the media platforms giving them behind the scenes footage, means to ask questions or give suggestions before or after the investigations (in some cases during a live event on YouTube or Instagram TV).

The money would go towards equipment, editing software, the use of a social media company to help advertise and organically grow the series and eventually create a pilot to present to a production company with the aim of getting on TV.  I would be over the moon to reach this target! there have been some great paranormal series out there but its time for a new approach, I like to think of this as the Grand Tour of the Paranormal genre, adventure, excitement, danger, all while trying to obtain evidence.


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