The Human Codex

The Human Codex

We need your help to get The Human Codex over the last few hurdles before going live in Jan 2017.

We did it!

On 7th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £1 with 1 supporter in 21 days

My name is Lloyd Cox and i am the creator of The Human Codex. 

The Human Codex will be the first ever human history record of the people, by the people, for the people.

We are not interested in making money, we are interested in making an official human history record. Where the people (you) create your own page in history (a Codex) which then gets stored away and put with all the other Codex's. So that your descendants can look up their great great great grand parent and see how you lived your life and what lessons you have decided to pass on.

This is about you and if you want to leave your own personal page in the history books, if you want to leave you mark on our beautiful planet. It isn't like other social media, our purpose is not to sell your info, or make a profit, we are about the people.

Our purpose is simple, we want to provide a place, where everyone can come, so that they can leave their mark in history, that will last through the ages, and pass on anything they want to. Our hope is future generations may benefit from the lessons we had to go through.

I have tried multiple ways to get the last of the funds needed to get The Human Codex up and running but even though I am close to the finish line, there are still a few hurdles in the way. I orignially had a Kickstarter, which failed back in April, so i went away and started getting The Human Codex created out of my own money. I have taken loans and used my own wages, and after 5 months we have a website on our servers that is functional. The website is still in its teething stage and there are a few things left to sort/add. Sadly I am in a position where I can't borrow any more money, and have come to see if I can get a little help getting over the finish line. I really hope people understand the situation :).

The funds raised would go towards:

1)Fixing any bugs/issues with the site

2)Completeing The Human Codex software for the website.

3) Towards legal fees.

4) Promo video

We plan  to launch the site on January 14th 2017, some people have asked why this date, the answer is, it is a significant date.

Any questions, or if you are still not sure what The Human Codex is please drop a message and I wil be happy to answer as soon as I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this project.

Warmest and Best wishes,


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