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My aim is to co-create The House of Love. Promoting and inspiring people to embrace an organic, vegan, plantbased lifestyle.

by Katharine Kinnie in West Pennard, England, United Kingdom

Hello & Welcome

Hi there, my name is Katharine Kinnie and I am a Veganic (organic vegan) conscious entrepreneur. Thanks for visiting my crowdfunder page. :) 

My vision is to co-create a House of Love Global Project. With the first House’s of Love being in England and Australia. And with others following around the world.

The purpose of The House of Love Global Project is to inspire people to embrace an organic, vegan, plantbased lifestyle and diet.

This will hopefully ensure that people are making more kind, caring, loving, compassionate and conscious lifestyle and food choices.

The House of Love is a Veganic Heaven.

It is a peaceful sanctuary and haven for people to live, visit, stay, learn, eat, drink, play, rest, relax, connect, network, teach, sing, dance, meditate, grow, expand and enjoy, embrace and learn about an organic vegan plant based way of life. 

The main offerings from The House of Love will be:

- Short & Long term accommodation for residents, employees and volunteers

- Airbnb/BNB accomodation for visitors

- The Spread the Love Cafe - an organic vegan plant based cafe and restaurant which will also provide educational cooking and food preparation courses

- An organic permaculture community garden which will also provide food growing and land custodianship educational courses 

- A room/space to enjoy meditation, sound baths, conscious music, movie nights and movement events, Spread the Love events, ceremonies and gatherings 

- A room/space to offer and receive educational training courses about anything from Numerology and Sacred Geometry & Art to Conscious Business planning and money management 

- Opportunities, events and spaces for conscious entrepreneurs and heart-centred, soul driven changemakers to meet, network, hang out, share information and co-create together

Supporting those requiring a hand in life

We will also have a number of philanthropic & altruistic offerings and projects to help people within the local community who might be struggling in life. Especially with financial hardship, finding somewhere to live, a job or with their mental and emotional health and sense of belonging and wellbeing. 

These offerings will include:

- A free organic, vegan community meal once a week

- A free ticket to regular Spread the Love events

- The ability to receive pay-it-forward meals, drinks or tickets to events and gatherings at The House of Love

- An organic fruit & vegetables box from our garden in exchange for a few hours help in the garden each week

- Free scholarship applications for courses that are being offered at the House of Love for those who are experiencing financial hardship, homelessness or unemployment 

When we have access to land and space for more accommodation:

- Free short term accommodation & food for up to a week. For someone suffering from burnout, nervous exhaustion, adrenal & chronic fatigue and anyone needing a sanctuary and haven to experience and receive deep rest, nurturing and nourishment. This is for people who don’t have the family or friends they are able to receive this from

- Short term accommodation and food for those who are homeless and jobless in exchange for helping to contribute to the running of the House of Love 

- Potential longer term job opportunities/accommodation for those who are committed to being part of the custodianship, organisation and maintainance of The House of Love 

How we will use the money 

We will use the money we raise and receive through crowdfunding and grants to officially launch the House of Love Global project and start to research the best locations to rent a property and some land for the first House’s of Love in England & w.

The Stretch Target

If we achieve the stretch target of £25,250 for our funding we will be able to afford to pay for rent for 12 months for the first House of Love on the planet.

Any additional money we receive beyond our crowdfunder will be used to:

- purchase or rent an Electric vehicle to get to and from the House of Love.

- pay people to help us in running the House of Love

- procure furniture and resources for the property and decorate it (if necessary).

- invest in the branding, sales, promotions and marketing of The House of Love Global Project, online and offline.

The BIG Vision

My BIG vision is to ultimately be the custodian of land that we can build our own structures on, using Sacred Geometric Architecture and 100% natural and the most sustainable building materials on the planet like bamboo, hemp, cob etc.

These structures would include dwellings for sleeping, a sound temple, a cafe/restaurant/eating space, an educational space for sharing courses, an art/music/co-creations space, an peace/mindfulness/meditation space, a space for conscious entrepreneurial meetings and co-creational chats and weaving (‘work’).

Layout of the structures would be based on a Sacred Geometric geoglyph design, which from the air would look something akin to a crop circle design. My feeling is to base this design on Metatron’s Cube, because it holds the balance of masculine and feminine energies.

This design will also incorporate the permaculture garden that we will design using Sacred Geometry as well.

This Big Vision is part of Phase 2 of the project and will come when we have the funding to buy land and the materials to start building. :) 

We will require £111,111+ for Phase 2.

Phase 1 is for the immediate part of the project right now. Starting to establish House’s of Love on the planet within buildings that already exist, that we can rent initially to start to welcome people to come and stay and visit, to get the business up and running quickly and easily. 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

My role

My role will be to initiate, set up and nurture the first House of Love on the planet and then support the birthing of other House’s of Love elsewhere across the globe

A little more about me

I have an extensive background in product and business launches, as well as strategic and executional brand and marketing experience from over 10 years spent in the Corporate World and over 7 years running my own businesses. My experience includes having worked for companies like Virgin Media, Sky & The Times and The Sunday Times as well as multiple start ups, Not-For-Profits and conscious businesses

My values

I care very deeply about the current situation we are all experiencing on our planet. I am an environmental and animal activist and I feel very passionate about promoting and educating people about the importance of choosing an organic vegan, plant based lifestyle so as to help reduce carbon emissions and be kinder to our precious planet and our animal friends

I care deeply about protecting sacred sites, our water, our trees and our natural resources and the importance of being as conscious as possible about how we use and honour the land

I also care deeply about the importance of using renewable energy and sustainable and electric transport as well

I am an advocate of zero-waste and sustainable living practices with regards to the growing and sourcing of our food locally and naturally

I am passionate about the power of meditation, mindfulness practices and how we can use them along with sound, music, movement, dance and creativity to co-create more Peace on Earth

And I am passionate about using business and social enterprises as a vehicle to manifest positive and conscious changes on the planet

The House of Love will be an organic, vegan plant based sanctuary and haven and community harmonious habitation for people to live in or visit who wish to embrace and learn more about peaceful, organic vegan plant based living. And it will also be a wonderful, welcoming and nurturing space for people who wish to receive support in co-creating veganic businesses, social enterprises, charities and organisations. 

The House of Love can help the planet & it’s inhabitants

I believe that the Global House of Love project has the ability to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, to play a significant and important role in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth and in supporting the restoration of our sacred and precious home planet and the Garden of Eden

I’m a supporter of the Extinction and Animal Rebellion and Strike for Climate movements.

My experience

I have been running community Spread the Love events offline and online since August 2014. These events and gatherings are focussed on supporting and inspiring people to live a more peaceful, kind, caring, compassionate and loving life. And to inspire people to initiate projects and businesses of their own that spread love on the planet

I run a business called Anything is Possible and I have been helping conscious entrepreneurs to birth, initiate, re-brand and re-position conscious businesses and brands through the Dream Brand Blueprint Process and Journey since June 2012. I offer consultancy, coaching, mentor ship, support and education 1on1 and in group trainings as well. 

I’d love to receive your support

If you are an advocate and supporter of living a 100% organic, vegan lifestyle, or are currently embracing one and would like to support me in funding and making the first House of Love on the planet a reality, please feel free to make a contribution to our crowdfunding project. I’d be so happy to welcome you into our Family and receive your financial support.

Thank you very much. :) 

I’m looking forward to co-creating with you. 

Infinite love, hugs, gratitude and divine blessings,

Katharine Kinnie x x x


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2,222 or more

Dream Brand Blueprint Journey

Enjoy a personalised set of coaching, mentoring and consulting sessions over 2-4 weeks with Katharine Kinnie in person or online via ZOOM. These sessions will support you in birthing, repositioning or clarifying the conscious business, brand or project of your dreams. (This is a very special price for this campaign with a 25% discount from the normal price of £3000/$5555). See my website for more details

£6 or more

A Basic Veganic meal

Enjoy a Basic Veganic meal at The House of Love.

£6 or more

A Conscious Movie Night ticket

A ticket to a Conscious Movie Night at the House of Love.

£11 or more

Your name featured in a Gratitude Painting

As a very special supporter of our inaugural House of love, your name will be featured in a Gratitude Painting that will be hung on the wall of the first House of Love on the planet. For anyone who wishes to unconditionally donate and support our project, but doesn’t necessarily want to receive anything in return.

£11 or more

A Dream Veganic Meal

Enjoy a Dream Veganic meal at The House of Love.

£11 or more

A Conscious Music Night ticket

A ticket for a Conscious Music Night event at the House of Love.

£22 or more

A Deluxe Veganic Meal

Enjoy a Deluxe Veganic meal at The House of Love.

£22 or more

A Spread the Love ticket

A ticket to a Spread the Love event at The House of Love. Spread the Love events include a guided meditation, inspiring interviews with conscious entrepreneurs and conscious music and sound baths.

£33 or more

1 night Basic Accommodation

Enjoy 1 night of Basic Accommodation at The House of Love.

£66 or more

2 nights Basic Accommodation

Enjoy 2 nights Basic Accommodation at the House of Love.

£66 or more

1 night of Dream Accommodation

Enjoy 1 night of Dream Accommodation at the House of Love.

£111 or more

1 night of Deluxe Accommodation

Enjoy 1 night of Deluxe Accommodation at the House of Love.

£132 or more

2 nights of Dream Accommodation

Enjoy 2 nights of Dream Accommodation at the House of Love.

£222 or more

2 nights of Deluxe Accommodation

Enjoy 2 nights Deluxe Accommodation at the House of Love.

£333 or more

Intimate concert for you & friends

Enjoy an intimate live concert for you and up to 12 friends from Katharine Kinnie at the House of Love.

£333 or more

A 2 hour Conscious Business & Branding Session

Enjoy a 2 hour Conscious Business & Branding session with Katharine Kinnie. This session will incorporate Cosmic Numerology and Katharine’s knowledge wisdom and experience of over a decade in the Corporate World working in strategic brand & marketing roles for some of the biggest brands on the planet like Virgin. As well as over 7 years experience helping conscious entrepreneurs to birth, reposition or clarify their conscious brands & businesses.

£1,111 or more

Dream Event Blueprint Journey

Enjoy a set of 7 hour long coaching, mentoring and consulting sessions with Katharine Kinnie in person or online via ZOOM. These sessions will support you in birthing the conscious event(s) of your dreams. Katharine will share her knowledge, wisdom and Conscious Event Blueprint template and strategy to support you in birthing your conscious event(s). She’ll also share her wealth of experience of having hosted & executed 100s of events worldwide.

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