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The family is the key for any community. With love and stability in the home. A safe community that communicate effectively has less crime.

by Elizabeth E James in Grays, England, United Kingdom

I am the Author of the Book THE SOUL MENDER "Arise and Shine" and Director of B.E.S.T Counselling Services

I was born in Nottingham to a Nigerian parent.  Both in pursuit of their high profile career. Who got married after I was born and later came my sister. 

I was shipped to Nigeria and that was the beginning of a nightmare for me. As I experienced sexual abuse from age five till teenage I was constantly abused.

Although my sister was later sent to join me in Nigeria, I protected her from what I did not understand which was the sexual abuse constantly. I was there and would not allow anyone to touch her.

I saw this elegant woman walked in and who I got to know from my sister was our mother but I saw in her eyes backoff. Just wanted a relationship with my sister. Meaning she just arrived from the UK and came to look for my sister not me hmm.

My dad in 1970 arrived and took us from his mother to live in the midwest of Nigeria. Where they divorce and mum was rich but still not wanting me saying I am from the devil.

I did not do well any longer in my academics and failed several times as sexual abuse continues which you don't talk about as it is a taboo.

My journey ends with me drop out of school by 19 I have finished with having children. went to study catering and later midwifery.

I came back to U.K and went to work as a chambermaid for various agencies. Did Minicabbing also for various companies.

Set up laundry services as the first black woman to own such and met Mrs Thathcer as Prominent Businesswoman award in 1990.

By 2000 I went to Ireland to study law due to abusive marriage I continue to fail to manage to get to the third year but kicked out the reason was I've been banging my head on the wall for too long and may not pass final year.

I came back to London by which time my other four children were grown and were not kin in returning to the UK. The separation was hard on the children and tore the family apart and one of the kids with drug abuse and mental health. 

I did not have any form of counselling African Christian don't speak about the Home. I went on to graduate in 2012 with double hons degrees in Theology and Counselling. I got Counselling for the first time during my first year and poured out my heart from age five till 2010.

The aim of my project is to Protect the Home and get Counselling for Marriage, Family and Youths. Not all Marriage should end in divorce if it can be helped early. The children are always affected when a marriage breaks down. They are always unstable and unless helped they end up overdose on drug or are abusers themselves. 

The like of Prince Harry was greatly supported by his brother Prince Willam who asked him to get Counselling. The Queen was supportive too. My vision is to see every home having a great healthy Marriage and have somewhere they can go to as a Christian also non-Christian too.

The Home is You is expected to be featured in Excel The Business Show. This is an important event to bring awareness of mental health and how it greatly affects the Home. This will encourage young adult that there is help if they are experiencing lost and discouragement. 

The Christian woman who is too ashamed with marital issues but needs help will have B.E.S.T to speak to and encourage the spouse to do the same. The same goes for a man who feels let down but not able to ask for help will come to B.E.S.T. It is confidential.

When an abuser is Counseled he/she has a shift and start to live a great life.

I am one of the happiest person to come in contact with as I use my experience to help others to overcome. The LORD has been my help and ROCK. I don't look my age as I don't stress. 

The Money will be use to promte the awareness at the Excel which will bring to the Knowlege of the huge audience there is help and no one ever has to go through what I went through without help.

I will use materials and advertise with the website and posters and leaflets.


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THE SOUL MENDER "Arise and Shine"

This my book that tells my story but also a personal development. When you get stuck by using the four Fs you can rise again. In life, you must be persistent and keep digging as there is gold to be dug out

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