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Together we are exploring the concept of "Home", creating meaningful change to put Home at the centre of our societies.

by Xenergie Foundation in London, England, United Kingdom

We are a passionate group of change-makers with a purpose to create meaningful and sustainable change. We want to create a change in the way that humanity perceives, behaves and acts upon our role in the world, breaking through the boundaries and silos that restrict our ability to transform. We bring together influencers from across sectors into "Clusters" that undertake an action learning approach to addressing the issues of their particular system.

The funds for the Home Cluster will be used:

  • To build the capacity and platforms for the Clusters process, enabling the widest reach in society as possible and becoming a global movement for change. 
  • Enabling the delivery of personal, dedicated facilitation and coaching support to each Cluster to ensure the quality and impact of the outcomes. 

What do we mean by home?

“Home” is the space where belonging, education, employment, health and identity are born and nurtured. It is much more than a house or a physical building, it is not limited to family members, it is a whole system. The word “Home” suggests a place of warmth, comfort and safety and yet we have no clear recognition as to how these important human elements and rights are delivered through the different systems across the planet.

The challenge in society is how to create “Home” for everyone. Providing opportunity, place, and belonging in a way that benefits our environment, our peoples and our planet.

What needs to transform in the system to ensure that everyone can feel “at Home”? How do we redefine the landscape? Who needs to be involved and how do we connect them. These are challenges that are faced in all countries and all environments. The Clusters concept provides us with an opportunity to transform both the system and ourselves as an integral part of this system. By providing those who can influence systemic thinking, the opportunity to participate in the Cluster movement, we are looking to change thinking across society and the planet on how we make Home work for all, The Home Cluster will work across a network of Clusters to ensure that Home is connected to all facets of life.

Let's make 'The Home Clusters' happen

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