The Highwaywoman short film

Short film 'The Highwaywoman'. A dark and gritty period drama about two sisters and the temptation of adventure and rebellion.

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Trying to make ends meet after the untimely death of her father, Anne Lovell choses to don a cloak and mask to become a highwayman in order to provide for her and her younger sister Katherine. Bored by her fiance Edward and seeking a little excitement and adventure, Anne quickly becomes enticed by the lifestyle of a highwayman, a desire that is only fuelled after meeting William Shotbolt, a dangerous and legendary highwayman. However her neglect of her life at home leaves young Katherine in a very vulnerable and isolated position.




Joe Sandz as the dashing and dangerous Highwayman 'William Shotbolt'



Hannah Keeley as the fierce and fiesty Highwaywoman 'Anne Lovell' 




Timothy Charles Miller as the dark and paranoid 'Edward Parret'




Georgia Jasper as the sweet and innocent 'Katherine Lovell' 


*Please note 10% of all donations go to  the RSPCA Animal Charity.


Your money will be used to help market the film and fund entries into film festivals. 


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