The Hemp Shack want to custom make cannabinoid oil

by The Hemp Shack in St. Leonards On Sea, England, United Kingdom

The Hemp Shack want to custom make cannabinoid oil
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Our aim is to make quality CBD oils and cannabinoid infused hemp oils as well as cannabinoid infused products to improve health.

by The Hemp Shack in St. Leonards On Sea, England, United Kingdom

My vision is to supply the people of my town and further with quality CBD and cannabinoid products as well as custom make oils for people. We have an endocannabinoid system that need cannabinoids to function properly and also so other vital systems in our bodies can function. CBD is one of about 113 cannabinoids and does not get you high. As it happens THC is responsible for that high feeling but take that away and you have many cannabinoids that do not get you high ie psychoactive. I want to make CBD edibles and hemp smoothies as well as sell CBD rich cannabis which is hemp and has no THC in it to premote a healthy endocannabinoid system. Years ago I was diagnosed with olliers disease and was told by top surgeons that there was no cure so I started googling my disease and some how I found my way to cannabinoids. I bought a bottle of infused hemp oil and started taking it and to my surprise my tumours started shrinking and stopped hurting. I would love to make these oils for other people in similar situations and even people who want to prevent a decline in health. There is a huge gap in the market for CBD rich products and for someone who knows how to activate other cannabinoids, I know how to make CBD oils and CBD vape liquid as well as infuse cannabinoids in foods and drinks. I have years of knowledge on this subject and know how to activate other cannabinoids and infuse them in oils and edibles and am ahead of the natural business curve and want to use my knowledge to benefit others doing something I love doing. I personally believe people selling CBD products are selling things they know nothing about and at rip off prices and I would love to make my own products so I can sell them cheaper than the compitition and at better standards. As well as having already made products for sale I plan to have a custom made section so people can get me to make them in front of them using CBD isolate which is crystal CBD or whole plant matter  and infuse them with either organic hemp oil or organic olive oil. The smoothiss will be hemp and organic dairy based and perfect for people from all walks of life on the go or just looking for an endocannabinoid system boost. There are many health benefits to consuming hemp and cannabinoids from physical to mental and just all round well being and more is being discovered every day all over the world. Alot of health problems could be due to the fact our endocannabinoid system is malnourished and needs cannabinoids to function as there are cannabinoid receptors all round our body and to achieve homeostasis we need a balance of everything the body needs. I truly believe I can make a difference to the market and hemp can solve alot of problems. You can make many things from hemp and as well as making quality products I ain't to educate people about the possible many uses of the Cannabis plant and by cannabis I mean hemp as they are the same plant just different strains.


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