The Health Hub Project Launch

by Robyn Eede in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 24th April 2020 we successfully raised £500 with 14 supporters in 55 days

The Health Hub is a fitness and nutrition 12 week program aimed at women to prevent and manage health issues.

by Robyn Eede in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the extra funds we will run further campaigns to reach more people, improve our website and further our branding.  

We would love to spread the word further through being involved with wellness events to promote further. 

"Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. The World Health Report 2002: Reducing risks, promoting healthy life, indicates that the mortality, morbidity and disability attributed to the major chronic diseases currently account for almost 60% of all deaths and 43% of the global burden of disease. By 2020 their contribution is expected to rise to 73% of all deaths and 60% of the global burden of disease. Four of the most prominent chronic diseases – cardiovascular diseases (CVD), cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and type 2 diabetes – are linked by common and preventable biological risk factors, notably high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and overweight, and by related major behavioural risk factors: unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and tobacco use. Action to prevent these major chronic diseases should focus on controlling these and other key risk factors in a well-integrated manner." The

Hi, I’m Robyn and I have a dream to create a ‘Wellness Centre’ with a focus on disease prevention and management of health issues within the community. As the WHO states these diseases can be prevented with good nutritious food and fitness. 

My friend Becca has joined me on the journey to make this a reality and as Christians we trust in God knowing that he’s in this with us and wants to help make this happen. 

The first step to making The Health Hub a reality is ‘The Health Hub’s 12 Week Program’. This will be an ‘in person’ fitness and nutrition 12 week Stretch & Restore course aimed at women. It is to be run in local community centres in small groups by qualified fitness instructors and nutritionists.

However, to get the women into the classes we need to market our proposal in a professional and effective way. Which is where we need your help to fund our initial launch marketing campaign.

The campaign will involve Facebook ads designed by marketing professionals. This is one of the most effective ways to reach our target audience so have decided to invest the money from crowdfunding into this strategy as well as promotional stands. 

We are desperate to get this done as soon as possible so that we can launch the 12 week course in April this year.

These women need our help and this program will propel them into a whole new level of health. Preventing disease, tackling current health issues and giving them full quality of life.

If you feel prompted to fund this project we would be extremely grateful, alternatively please empower us by joining in prayer for the health and wellbeing of our women.

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