The "Harrying of the North" memorial fund

The "Harrying of the North" memorial fund

A memorial fund to remember the 100,000 genocide victims of the Harrying of the North.

We did it!

On 19th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

For all the great and remarkable achievements of humankind, its history is stained with acts of tragic cruelty, murder and oppression. To honour the victims of such horrific acts, and to inform future generations of that which has passed, memorials are established to forever cement them in the public consciousness.

And yet, one act of attempted genocide still sits anonymously in the forgotten annals of human horror.

In the winter of 1069-1070, William the Conqueror, the Norman usurper of the English throne, turned his attentions northwards. Unwilling to be cowed by William's oppressive military might, the north country had been a constant source of resistance and rebellion, the native Anglo-Danes determined to regain their former sovereignty.

In retaliation, William sent his armies north. The resistance was brutally crushed, women and children put to the sword, every village burned to the ground, stores spoiled and the earth salted so that no crops would grow. 

100,000 people died in the Harrying of the North, either from the immediate slaughter and carnage, or from the starvation that followed. And yet no memorial stands to mark this terrible loss of life.

It is our intention to make amends for such a callously indifferent oversight.

Donating to our fund will allow us to create a memorial to the forgotten 100,000 victims of William's inhuman wrath. Hopefully to be sited in York, the historical centre of the north and the base from where the Harrying was marshalled, any memorial established will reflect the funding we receive. Although the target is £50,000, a sum which would allow us to have a full sized bronze sculpture cast, a lesser amount would still allow us to create a memorial of more modest appearance, but of no less importance. Hence, all donations will be gratefully accepted.

Be a part of our memorial fund, and ensure that the victims of the Harrying are remembered in the manner that they have always deserved.

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