The Happy Warriors

The Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team assist those that come to grief on the hills, our film is about their will to preserve that service.

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A documentary film 

In an isolated and breath-taking landscape the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT), currently led by Willie Anderson, protect those who come to grief on the dangerous landscape and changeable weather in The Scottish Highlands. Unlike other emergency services in Scotland, the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team is operated by unpaid civilians who rely on funding from the police and public donations, to carry out their life saving work. 

All acknowledge that without risk, discovery is impossible.

The Happy Warriors is a portrait of the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team. A film about the individual rescuers and what it means to be a volunteer in mountain rescue.

Testimony of team members past and present will provide an insight into their world as the story of a rescue unfolds on screen.

We hope to communicate an appreciation of the Cairngorms and the wildlife that inhabit it, whilst raising awareness of the lengths these volunteers go to helping those that come to grief on the hills.

"For it is the risk we must all take when we accept individual responsibility for ourselves on the mountain, and until we have done that, we do not begin to know." - Nan Shepherd, The Living Mountain

The Happy Warriors 

Having gathered interviews from the team, about their experiences in mountain rescue, and filmed them working within the hills, we are ready to enter the final stages of making this film. You can see stills from our previous shoots below. 

We are confident that The Happy Warriors will offer a new perspective on mountain rescue and will result in a film that champions volunteer mountain rescue but also offers insight into the compassion of the rescuers themselves.

We have full support from the team, the British Mountaineering Council, Sandstone Press (publishers of Cairngorm John: A Life in Mountain Rescue) and the John Muir Trust as recipients of the Bill Wallace Grant. We also secured support from Creative England's iShorts programme. 


Why Support This Film?  

  • The film will offer a unique perspective on the team and mountain rescue, focusing on their varied experiences. 
  • Our priority is that The Happy Warriors will educate people about mountain safety, explore themes of conservation and raise awareness about the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team, a charity who rely on public donations. We will raise money for the team using the completed film.
  • The film has been supported by Creative England, the British Mountaineering Council, The John Muir Trust and Sandstone Press. By supporting us you join a family of sponsors that all believe in telling the team's story.
  • Our previous documentary, Below the Row, won the IMDb New Filmmaker Award, was shortlisted for The Royal Television Society's Southern Student Factual Award and continues to screen at festivals worldwide. We hope to build on this success with The Happy Warriors
  • We have self-funded the development stage and a large percent of the production costs. All we need is a final push to complete the film, with your support we can do this.
  • Your assistance will help the filmmakers in their career as completing the film will allow them to prove to future funders that they are able to produce work to a high standard and on budget.
  • We have some great rewards on offer ranging from limited edition copies of Cairngorm John: A Life in Mountain Rescue to places on the team’s winter skills course.


Why Now? 

Increased privatisation of Search and Rescue, in the coming years, means a paid team threatens the volunteer rescuers. This falls into conflict with the team's ethic of providing a free service to those that need it.

We want to capture this period and record the current team's dedication to mountain rescue, as they believe it works best.


Where Does The Money Go Exactly? 

The money raised through this campaign will go towards our post-production costs, enabling us to process the stock that we have shot and deliver the documentary by September 2015. Your donations will also allow us to get a 2K scan of the film.


About Us 

Rock of Eye Films was founded in 2014 following the success of the crew's former documentary Below the Row. Based across the UK, Rock of Eye are a group of filmmakers dedicated to all things documentary. 

The crew will use their industry experience and the skills developed during their previous documentary, Below the Row, which resulted in winning the IMDb New Filmmaker Award at Bath Film Festival (2013). 



Underneath Savile Row, the home of British bespoke tailoring, work goes on that is seldom seen by those that walk along the street. James, apprentice coatmaker and Paul, his master, encapsulate a life dedicated to craft and precision. Click here to watch the documentary. 




Graduating with a first-class honours from The University for the Creative Arts' Film Production BA in 2013, Glen has continued to work across the moving image spectrum in fashion, documentary and corporate. Currently he is Studio Manager at Jem Mitchell Ltd. 

"During the time that I have known Glen, I have found him to be a huge asset and a valuable member of my team. Glen is hardworking, intelligent, courteous and loyal. I have no hesitation in recommending his skills and have every confidence that The Happy Warriors will be a film of the highest standard" - Jim Mitchell, Director of Jem Mitchell Ltd





Pursuing her passion for producing Rebecca is a Production Co-ordinator at Seventh Art Productions, award-winning filmmakers of art and classical music documentaries. She obtained a first-class honours BA in Film Production at The University for the Creative Arts graduating in 2013. Rebecca is particularly interested in documentaries that educate and introduce the viewer to situations and places they may never experience themselves. 

"Rebecca was promoted to the position of Production Co-ordinator at Seventh Art Productions after demonstrating her excellent communication and organisational skills. She is not afraid to take a challenge and I am confident that she has the motivation, experience and enthusiasm to bring The Happy Warriors successfully to fruition." - Phil Grabsky, Director of Seventh Art Productions



Graduating with first-class honours from The University for the Creative Arts, Jason has composed images for award-winning shorts, in both fiction and documentary. He has honed his craft in evoking emotion through lighting and composition, creating visual looks that can captivate an audience and progress a films narrative. In his work, he hopes to inspire the viewer to seek the underlying beauty in the human experience and the environment they inhabit. 





Patrick’s commitment to the film industry has lead him to work for many high-profile clients and campaigns, including the World Wildlife Fund and Marvel Studios. Having recently returned from working on a documentary on a remote island in Indonesia, for 8 weeks, he is ready and willing to confront the Cairngorms.






Joseph is a sound recordist and designer, based in Kent, who graduated from The University for the Creative Art’s Film Production course in 2013. Since graduation, he has worked for musicians and craftspeople, making short promotional videos and documentaries. Joseph is fascinated by people who exist or work in challenging environments and documentary's ability to shed light on them.





Get Involved 

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