The Greenway Project A Multi-Use Pathway

by The Greenway Project in Chagford, England, United Kingdom


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The Greenway Project is a new Moretonhampstead - Chagford Pathway, creating a traffic-free multi-use route for leisure, health and work.

by The Greenway Project in Chagford, England, United Kingdom

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Sarah dennehy 22nd July 2021

I hope this idea grows, I would love to walk or cycle to other villages and towns rather than walk around town or drive somewhere to go for a walk. Its madness!

Vicky Bamsey 13th July 2021

This is a completely misleading page and the crowdfunding is taking place under false pretences. The proposed trail will, not be flat ..., geography dictates that this is simply not possible. Such a route would therefore not be feasible for wheelchair users or toddlers push bikes.. landowners have not been consulted, any route in the area would involve swathes of historic land being bulldozed, sites of scientific interest disturbed, and farm land that has been farmed by the same families for generations being divided. No consultation has taken place and no proposed routes have been shared with any concerned parties despite requests. There are now over one hundred comments in support of a farmer who raised her concern and that is just following one post. Some of those funding this project and in support of it are not all from the local community and are therefore support something that does not impact on their daily lives or livelihoods. When the comments from those outside of the community are challenged with the facts they quickly change their minds. This false crowdfunding needs to stop now before any more of your money is taken. And yes I have put in a complaint to

Mark Smith 9th July 2021

A fantastic idea. Cycling on the main roads around Chagford can be hairy at times. Having ridden the multi-use path at Okehampton I can see great benefits by creating this pathway and extending it on to Okehampton.

Chris Weekes 8th July 2021

I love the idea of being able to cycle from one railway station to another, across Dartmoor, with minimal roads. Well done for all your efforts!

yuli Somme 8th July 2021

I commute to work most days between Chagford and Moretonhampstead, on an electric bike. Over the last 7 years I have saved possibly thousands of pounds, not to mention a heap of carbon, by cycling. But, it's dangerous along the main road, and alternative routes are very steep, with bad surfaces and multitudes of seriously deep potholes; and most of all, shared with tractors, large white vans and cars. It can be treacherous, especially in the winter. I see a future where more and more of us will take to cycling, walking or horse riding, and for this we need safer routes, NOT shared with cars and other vehicles. The proposal of the Greenway, is going to be much healthier for us and the planet. I would like to see the track extended to Okehampton, eventually, where our new trains will be awaiting us for forward travel. The Greenway project is not just about this track, it's about a whole different way of being, and travelling; active travel. The bonus will be active visitors, enjoying a quieter, safer journey, with plenty of interesting local shops and places to visit and enjoy - all without a car, and all adding to our local economy.

Jon Vernon 8th July 2021

Best of luck - this is a great project which will deliver real benefits to the Dartmoor community and hopefully be a pioneer for similar sustainable infrastructure schemes across the country.

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