The Green Weigh, Zero Waste Shop on Wheels!

Our mission is to take plastic free grocery shopping directly to the people of West Dorset, stopping in markets, villages & neighbourhoods.

We did it!

On 21st Jun 2018 we successfully raised £17,521 of £16,000 target with 313 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

Getting funded another £3000 will mean more money towards our van, stock and getting us out on the road sooner. We estimate we will spend £4,000 on fulfilling your rewards and Crowdfunder take a fee too! 

The Green Weigh

Dorset's 1st Zero Waste Shop on Wheels!

The Green Weigh will make zero waste shopping both affordable and convenient by bringing packaging free dried foods, personal care and household products to your neighbourhood.
REDUCE your plastic usage, REDUCE your impact on the planet and CONNECT with your community without the need to travel!

Plastic Free Foods to Your Neighbourhood or Village

Pasta, rice, seeds, nuts, pulses, beans, herbs, spices, teas and more.
Vinegars, oils.
Shower wash, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, foam bath.
Household cleaners, washing up liquid, laundry soap and more.
Plant Mylks from Organic Mylk
Organic Boxes from Southern Roots Organics

Our Children Are Our Future! 

We are Mum's. As well as bringing this service to communities we will engage children in learning about how plastic waste affects our world. We believe educating our children about this problem is a key way to implement change. We will also educate children on healthy eating.  Lets get them engaged and involved!

We're In The News!

June 18 | West Dorset Foodie Family

May 18 | The Bridport News

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May 18 | Wessex FM

Why does West Dorset Need a Zero Waste Shop on Wheels?

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere!
As we all know, our oceans are filling up with plastic, according to Greenpeace an estimated 12 million tonnes is entering our oceans every year! That's a rubbish truck full a minute! It is killing our wildlife and destroying our planet and a huge part of the problem is packaging - We will change the way we shop and say good riddance to plastic!

Five Community Benefits

With recent cuts to public services, communities and individuals have become more isolated than ever before and many village shops have closed.

How Is The Green Weigh Different?

By offering 3 ways to shop and a range of both organic and non-organic products, our aim is to make a zero waste lifestyle both convenient and affordable;

1. Come and shop with us at one of our designated stationary stops in Bridport and the surrounding areas.
2. Book an order delivery slot.
3. Order and collect from our Bridport base.

Use absolutely any container that will fit on our scales. Weigh your container, fill it, weigh it again, pay!
No need for plastic packaging and no need for food waste!!

How Will The Money Raised Be Spent?

With our static base in the heart of Bridport already secured we need your pledges to raise £16,000 to put towards our specialised van and equipment. This will include; purchasing and fitting out the van to make it a pleasant and easy shopping experience.  Placing our first stock order and essential equipment such as dispensers, scoops, scales, cleaning equipment and jars. 


Of course, we don't expect anyone to give us something for nothing and that's why, alongside the knowledge that you will be helping to make Dorset a greener county, we are offering you a range of amazing rewards for your pledges! Not only is there a range of lovely zero waste lifestyle goodies but you could even have your name on our van! Obviously, we would LOVE for you to pledge but we appreciate that may be difficult, so if you like what we're doing you can still support us by spreading the word. Tell absolutely everyone that we're crowdfunding, even the postman! 

So Who Are The Green Weigh?

We are four Bridport Mums on a mission!


Alex Green

Alex grew up in the Somerset countryside and moved to Bridport a decade ago to be near friends and the sea! She began working with young offenders and started three choirs for different age groups which gave her real insight and commitment to the community.  With a love for reusing and upcycling, she has always tried to lead an ethical and sustainable life. Alex is looking forward to being out on the road meeting people and spreading the plastic free message!


Lora Pascoe

Lora was born in Netherbury and grew up in Bridport. After graduating with her Fine Art Degree in 2011 Lora  started volunteering at Bridport Museum which gave her an interest in local history and the traces and stories we leave behind. She became an avid recycler in 2012 and leading an ethical lifestyle became very important to her. Lora is excited about building good relationships with small and local brands and sourcing affordable stock for our customers. 


Libby Rogers

Libby has been a marketer and brand developer in the natural and organic product retail sector for 15 years. She grew up in Bridport and, after a decade in London, travelled overseas to work as a scuba divemaster on the Meso- American barrier reef where she had the privilage of swimming with dolphins, whalesharks and turtles. Returning to Bridport in 2011 to raise her son's by the coast, Libby's love of travel, wildlife and the ocean has inspired her to make a difference. 


Kate Robertson

Kate moved to Bridport in 2009 and has taken part in and organised a number of local community events. Kate is really looking forward to meeting more people and believes that is really important to help those who may be isolated, whether due to being eldery and less able, or people who may suffer with mental health issues. With a background in the arts, Kate has both performed in and organised a number of varied events and she knows EVERYONE! Kate also designed our logo and made our video, talk about multi-tasking! Kate is really looking forward to getting out on the road, meeting even more people and bringing our zero waste shop on wheels to people's doors.

Our Story

As Mothers raising our children in the town of Bridport, the Jurassic coast and it’s beaches have been an integral part of our lives- the recent news of the huge plastic presence in the Oceans gave us the drive to make a cleaner future. 

Living sustainably and teaching our children to respect the environment was what brought us together to form The Green Weigh. The idea for a zero waste shop on wheels sparked following a visit by Alex in 2017 to the UK’s first zero waste shop in Totnes, Earth. Food. Love.

Buying groceries in a zero waste way made so much sense, so we returned to Earth. Food. Love in 2018 for a zero waste consultancy. They made us feel like we could make difference!  When considering the demographic of the area we decided to put our shop on wheels to make zero waste shopping accessible to all.

We plan to start by delivering to key areas where the need is greatest and, over time, we will expand our reach and increase our product range whilst always keeping our focus on being an ethical and cruelty-free service for our community that is affordable to all.  

The idea of a mobile shop in Bridport’s community is one that is being reborn! “My Mum says she remembers a mobile shop which used to visit Netherbury when I was a baby” says Lora. 

So in a way, we’re not really creating anything new at all. The Green Weigh will be a packaging free, mobile shop, the way things used to be!

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We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your time, your support and your pledges.................

Let's get The Green Weigh on the road! Zoom Zoom!!


Special thanks to those who have helped us on our journey so far.........

Brendan Buesnel, Rob Lee, Tracey West, Margie Barbour, Delphine Jones and our beloved friends and family!

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