The Great Tour of Great Britain

by Steven Farmer in West Hallam, England, United Kingdom

The Great Tour of Great Britain
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The Great Tour of Great Britain. A detailed virtual tour guide showing you the parts of Britain you may not even know about and helping you

by Steven Farmer in West Hallam, England, United Kingdom

I am originally from North-Wales. Wales is a beautiful country with so many beautiful locations not being seen. Be it that it is not on the map or in the local tour guide or it is only the locals that even know it exists. With that in mind it got me thinking about all the beautiful places across the UK that is not being seen or visited. My ambition is to travel to the many places I know off in wales & England create videos that show the whole area. I will upload them to my Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and a website that is currently being built. I also create photo albums I will provide my followers and website members details of all local facilities like disabled access, Cafes, parking (prices), toilets and anything else. Every site I visit will have everything the viewers need to know about the area to ensure they are fully prepared should they want to visit. I can be contacted for more information via phone or email about any specific location. I will also encourage suggestions of places I could go to next.

When I have built up my followers via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. I will then sell advertising space. I will show clips of the best hotels, restaurants, things to do and more. I promise to only advertise the best competitive priced family friendly places. I want my followers to know I put them first.

I hope this will grow globally so people all over the world can view videos see photos of all the wonderful places Britain has to offer and hopefully encourage tourism to our wonderful country.

The money I receive will be put towards the website that is being built it will pay for video editing software and help research Britain’s best unknown and known locations.  It will also help me with start-up travel costs.

My heart and soul are in this until the end. I will get a huge social media following. I will offer the best videos, photos and much more.

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