The Great Magnolia Tree Crafts Digital Adventure

Taking the wool shop digital, to find more customers so that we have a long and successful future.

We did it!

On 21st Jun 2017 we successfully raised £1,188 with 57 supporters in 28 days

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

Magnolia Tree Crafts is a wool and craft shop in Poynton, Cheshire. This campaign is about taking the business to the next level by increasing revenue through online sales.

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What is crowdfunding, why am I doing it, and how would a pledge of just £5 make a difference?

A bit more information about Magnolia Tree Crafts so far


About the business

I am the business owner. My name is Lucy Tones and I live with my fiance and three children in Poynton. 

I spent 15 years working in corporate communications for major global brands - the latter six years as a freelance consultant. After having my children I really wanted to find a new career path - one that didn't require travel and nights away to visit clients, and something that I would find more fulfilling. And so, Magnolia Tree Crafts was born - something that combines my passion for crafts with my business and communication skills.

The shop opened in September 2016 and has quickly established itself. I have a large (and growing) number of regular customers who are extremely supportive of the shop. In addition to selling wool and craft materials I run regular workshops to help people develop their knitting and crochet skills, and my weekly Knit Club has become a community hub for friends to meet and socialise at. 

In the first eight months of trading, sales have exceeded the targets I originally set and the foundations are now firmly in place to move on to the next phase of my business plan.

What I am crowdfunding for

Safeguarding the future of my business in an industry that frequently sees bricks and mortar shops operate at a loss is my number one priority. The best possible way to do this is to establish a strong and recognised brand that leads to steady online sales, in order to complement the turnover in the physical shop.

The work that I am now embarking on is to:

1. Establish brand awareness: become a known and trusted supplier of yarn and craft materials in the UK that customers choose to shop with regularly. Additionally, to become known for providing advice, training and support within the crafting communities.

2. Increase online sales: set and meet realistic monthly targets for online sales frequency and revenue.

I believe that by building a robust online brand for Magnolia Tree Crafts in this way I can achieve dramatically higher profit levels, and therefore make this a successful modern business. 

How I will achieve this

1. Brand awareness: Research shows that potential customers need to see or hear about your business approximately seven times before they are ready to make a purchase. These 'touch points' might be adverts, blog posts, comments on Facebook, and so on, and they work together to introduce your business and develop trust in you so that people are willing to place an order.

My plan to increase brand awareness includes these activities:

  • Working with digital marketing agency Add People - an official Google partner - to increase traffic to the MTC website through banner ads and remarketing. This will increase the frequency at which potential customers see the MTC brand - helping to grow awareness and trust.
  • Improved SEO (search engine optimisation) - researching and using keywords that reflect the searches people make on Google in order to improve search results ranking.
  • Development and training - attendance at Blogtacular - the UK's leading conference and training event for bloggers and craft business owners in order to learn about building an engaged online audience and converting for sales.

2. Online sales: streaming my products to Google shopping through a new website plug in, strengthened SEO, and working with Add People to structure the behind the scenes content. This will make my products visible to potential customers in their Google shopping search results - fully optimised with strong images and relevant keywords, leading to increased revenue.

What it will cost

1. Three months support from digital agency Add People on brand awareness and Google shopping: £1,920

2. Attendance at the UK's leading training event and conference for online entrepreneurs: £240 

3. Additional costs: fees, rewards, website plug ins and development time: £340

Total: £2,500

Why invest?

Customers often comment on how rare it is to find a wool shop these days, and I am so grateful that so many people are helping me make a success of Magnolia Tree Crafts. But the bricks and mortar shop alone will not generate enough profit to justify me turning my back on my old corporate career. That's why I have this plan to grow the business - so that I can stay in business.

If you invest, not only will you feel great about supporting a small family-owned business, but you could also receive a special gift as a thank you from me.

You will find more information in the Rewards section.

What else can I tell you?

You can find me online at 

I am also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Please contact me if you have any questions -

Thank you so much for your time and support.

xx Lucy

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