The Great Crowdfunder Bake Off!
We did it
On 18th May 2021 we successfully raised £98 ( + est. £16.00 Gift Aid ) with 22 supporters in 56 days

We are raising money in aid of Unicef's campaign VaccinAid - Give the world a shot by baking our buns off!

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Ready? Get set and BAKE!

The Crowdfunder Bake Off tent is open and the bakers are ready to impress. Each week we will be bringing you a showstopper showdown of the week’s bakes. 

We will release the week’s bakes as a video update and then it’s up to you to donate and get your votes in! Please donate a minimum £1 for this excellent cause and leave your votes as a comment. There will be 2 categories to vote for each week… Master Baker and Disaster Baker. Please leave your vote for your favourite baker in each category as a comment. Votes will be counted over the weekend so please vote by Saturday PM.

Alex Watts is a fantastic baker and will be our fabulous host. She will keep you updated through out the competition.

May the best baker win and pray for no soggy bottoms!


Week 3 - Easter Week


Week 4 - Bread Week

Week 5 - Dessert Week

Week 6 - Chocolate Week

Week 7 - Pastry Week

Week 8 - The Final!!!



Alex Marples - With over 40 years demand-side experience in the baking industry, Alex thinks he knows a thing or two about cake. Buoyed by trial-bake success with Maryland Cookies, Sunny D and a packet of Angel Delight ("Mush", try it), Alex naively believes he's got this!


Anna Gordon - Anna definitely thinks of herself as a connoisseur of anything sweet, though she’s definitely more used to eating cakes than making them. She’s sometimes a little ambitious with her bakes compared to her experience but is comforted that anything ruined in this competition will not go to waste (more like waist).


Caroline Davidsson - Caroline is no novice in the kitchen but relatively new to the baking game (everyone send a prayer for Dale!). She loves a lemon meringue pie but will try and champion a few of her native Swedish bakes in the competition, although we all know she would rather be hanging out with monkeys!. 


Charlie Gale - Charlie is an enthusiastic baker but suffers from a short attention span and a “student like” amount of baking equipment. Her drive and determination in the kitchen can amount to a somewhat edible outcome, in the past she has proven that she can be a capable baker, but performs horribly under pressure.


Chris Bird - Chris is a master procrastinator, a wannabe vegan cook with the baking skills of a hamster; takes things to excess, go big or go home.


Christine McCormick - Christine is a 100% beginner in the baking department. The only sweet treats she makes are rice crispy cakes or a berry pavlova (Which usually turns into an Eton Mess).. But she has bags of enthusiasm and is hoping to learn a thing or two!


Duncan Parker - In 2014, Duncan came 2nd in the Under 13 Girls Surrey Young Farmers Lemon Drizzle cake competition when his daughter reminded him that she needed to make one late the night before. Buoyed by his overnight success  (that Daisi took credit for), he has now added Victoria Sponge Cake to his repertoire.


Rachel Dunford - Rachel is mad about muffins and bonkers about buns. She's not afraid to take whisks. Her competition will need to make sure their apron strings are tied extra tight because she's not yolking around when she gets her bake on.

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