The Great British Bee Project

by Richard Shaw in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

The Great British Bee Project


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To raise enough funds to enable us to purchase a website and technology to kick start our project of saving the native honey bee.

by Richard Shaw in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

The British honey bee is in decline. The great British bee project is a nationwide project that concentrates on a natural, but large scale breeding programme. 

Large charities and companies focus a lot of money and effort on tackling the problems facing our native bee. This includes research into the Varroa mite - which is destroying many colonies yearly.

We are different.  

Hives located throughout the United Kingdom, under the protection of the project, are maintained and checked regularly by local beekeepers for pests, diseases etc - who report back to us via technology the situation of the hives.

When the colonies are deemed stable and strong enough we are breeding the queens to create new colonies - and allowing the original colony to create a new queen.

Before we embarked on this a national project we tested our theory. 

From one queen and over 2 years we created 6 new colonies - at approximately 40k bees per colony our one original queen had achieved so much.

With this theory now proven that we could at least quadruple the amount of bees from one queen - bolstering the local bee count - we are keen to roll it out on a national scale.

To do this we need financing. Yes we could use honey and by-products and over a few years save up enough money - but this isn't what the project is about. Honey will be left for the colonies - after all they worked for it!

We are looking to raise funds for a website that can explain the project in a lot more detail, as well be interactive for people looking to join the project. - The website will allow the option for individuals to sponsor the project for only £3 per month.

For this donation they would be able to become a member of The Great British Bee Project and receive a welcome pack, membership certificate as well as regular updates and pictures throughout the year on how the project is developing.

To enable our network of bee keepers to report on the status of a hive - and give traceability of the care and attention we have provided to individual hives we would like to develop an app for mobile phones specifically for this purpose. Each hive will have its own unique QR code which, once scanned will open a form for our bee keepers to give an in depth status of the hive.

Once we are established we would look to seek corporate membership. This would enable us to establish education centres throughout the UK where members of the public can be interested and educated about the importance of bees to our eco system as well as our food chain - and ultimately our future.

The money raised through this crowd funding campaign is to develop the interactive and educational website for everyone to be able to use, as well as the app which interlinks with the website.

Thank you for taking the time to read - and I welcome anyone who wants to be part of the start of something life changing … quite literally.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Magnetic fridge calendar with fantastic pic of our bees!

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Magnetic calendar with a fantastic pic of our bees. as well as one years membership to The Great British Bee Project

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Fridge Magnet One years subscription to The Great British Bee Project One Natural Jute Shopping bag One Bee Project Mug

£1,000 or more

1000 Reward

As with the £100 option - but with the extra of: One hive named after yourself or a person of your choosing. A percentage of any excess honey from your sponsored hive. Specific details of your sponsored hive and queen and colony sent to you quarterly with updates and information The Hives name is for life - the other benefits are for one year.

Let's make 'The Great British Bee Project' happen